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Are You Experienced?

Have you completed an 8 week Beginners Burlesque course with us and are you wondering what to do next? Or do you have you some burlesque experience and are looking to add to your burlesque repertoire? We've shaken up our burlesque studio to introduce an exciting assortment of 3 and 4 week intensives and more intermediate level courses.

Term 1 begins Monday 1st of Feb.


The Great Unlace: Corset Removal for Burlesque

Corset Removal Whether you've been too intimidated to try removing a corset onstage, or whether you're dying to master the's time for the Great Unlace! There's no need to panic when you know the tricks of the trade and Bella is here to unlock her treasure box of inside knowledge! Learn how to lace for stage, how to unlace, incorporating corsetry into performance and choreography, tricks to quick removal and more. BYO laced corset: Steel boned is not essential but is a bonus. Please also bring sweat towel & water bottle Suitable for all levels 15th Feb - 1st March, 6:15pm, $90 Boa's: Teachnique & Tease Intensive

Technique & Tease

Learn how to manipulate this staple of traditional burlesque to tease, titillate and torture your audience! Learn a little of the history and a lot of the technique. Conceal, reveal, wrap, bump and twirl your way to boa mastery with Bella de Jac. BYO boa. Both vegan (organza or fabric) boas & ostrich feather boas are suitable. If bringing a shorter chicken feather boa (under 1.5m length) please bring 2. Please also bring sweat towel, water bottle Suitable for all levels 15th - 29th March, 6:15pm, $90

Slow & Sultry Chair

Sensual & slow Are you interested in how to incorporate a prop like a chair into your choreography and performance? In Slow & Sultry Chair the chair is your dance partner as Gina teaches you how to use dynamic transitions contrasted with posing and find empowerment through moments of stillness and sensuality. Master the arts of slow and sultry and get your audience all hot and bothered with nothing but yourself and the humble chair! Suitable for all levels including Beginners (completion of Burlesque Beginners course preferred but not essential) Chairs provided. Please bring sweat towel, water bottle

4-Week Courses

Vegas Showgirl, Monday 7:15pm with Gina Stirling, $120

Sparkle. sparkle, sparkle Inspired by classic Las Vegas showgirl revues like the Lido De Paris at the Stardust and Jubilee! at the Bally this course with Gina Stirling will have you living a showgirl fantasy! Think headdresses and sparkle, sparkle, sparkle! Through choreography that's big and sassy you will explore how to shake it till you make it, develop control while performing faster steps and confidence with posing and cheeky moves. Suitable for all levels, students need to have Completed Beginners Burlesque 8-week course or equivalent Please bring: character shoes or small dance heels, sweat towel, water bottle

Dirty Dancing, Tuesdays 7:15pm with Bella Bump 'n Grind takes a heart throbbing twist. Bump, grind and shimmy with a new choreography each week. Because nobody puts baby in the corner! Bump 'n Grind throws spotlight on the transition from golden age peelers through to modern striptease. Learn the techniques, history and attitude of the fierce bump and grinders of Burlesque! The more classic style of Burlesque. Suitable for all levels including Beginners (completion of Burlesque Beginners course preferred but not essential) Please bring sweat towel, water bottle Intermediate Feathered Fan Dance, Tuesdays 8:15pm with Bella, $120 Fluttering, floating feather fans Accredited to Faith Bacon and popularised by Sally Rand, Feathered Fan dancing has been the bawdy bump and grinder's delicate, ephemeral sister in Burlesque. Using conceal and reveal to tease and titillate, feather fan dancing is a staple skill in any Burlesque enthusiasts bag of tricks! Learn how to become one with your fans as you flutter and float. Beautiful & mesmerising.


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