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at Bottoms Up!

At Bottoms Up we have a wonderful array of Burlesque courses for all bodies, all levels, all fancies.  You can delve into an 8-week course and continue this throughout the year as choreographies change every term,. Burlesque is a journey of adventure and you can truly find the style you love.

Our teachers are perfomers and will bring you their unique styles they have honed over many years.

Not all courses run every term, so please check the current timetable HERE for full list of what is available.





the very beginning!

Bump and grind, peel and pose your way through this 8-week course. Learn the history and the foundations of Burlesque through playful poses, shimmies and shakes, hip and chest isolations, undulations, glove peeling and Burlesque struts. While learning technique and moves you will be guided through a choreographed group routine giving you the tools needed to develop body awareness and confidence, along with a cheeky and seductive burlesque attitude! 

This course is for those with little or no previous experience in dance and burlesque. 

Choreography changes each Term, so you can re-enrol and refine your new found skills, before moving into other genres

All levels of fitness welcome.


The Art of the Tease

Ferri Maya brings you the basics of Burlyrock. This course is suited to those who are just starting burlesque or those who wish to build their rocknroll technique.


In this course we will explore how to walk the walk, tease the tease and strip the strip. We will break down the musicality of rocknroll burlesque so you can feel cool calm and collected while holding fierce, confident energy in front of your audience.


This course will give you the building blocks to join Burlyrock or other intermediate to advance burlesque courses.

Open to all bodies, beginner level & above

Please bring sweat towel, water bottle & wear comfy clothe

Current 8-week Courses



slow it dowwwwwwn

Get in touch with your sexuality and feel sexy! This workshop focuses on slowing down your movment to really feel your body and hook the audience. Looking at hands, feet, faces and finishing moments to capture the libido.

Workshops run with Kitty are focused through a lense of fat, curvy bodies and disabled bodies-

Open level, all bodies & genders welcome

Please bring water bottle, sweat towel, wear comfy clothes, heels (optional)


Neo, sexy, fierce

Strut is fierce, sexy and stomping it's stilettos into Bottoms Up.  A modern, dance-based, neo burlesque class for students who are ready to amp up the dance with Bella de Jac.

Strut is Intermediate level. You don't have to have done a burlesque class before but you do need to pick up choreography and be ready to MOVE!

Please bring sweat towel, water bottle



All about Rock N' Roll attitude!

Unleash your rock’n’roll showgirl while building your dance confidence and strengthening technique with Burlyrock.


With hot rock'n’roll routines, attitude, sensual strip tease, musicality and red lipstick this course is suitable for those who have previously taken Burlyrock, Floor Fuckers, Slink & Slay, STRUT or a have an intermediate level of dance experience.


BurlyRock is the creation of  Rock n'Roll Goddess Ferri Maya.

Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced level students with a knowledge of Burlesque or dance movement & a rock 'n roll attitude!

Please bring sweat towel, water bottle

Chair Dance


A chair isn't just for sitting on.

This dynamic chair tricks course will expand your chair dance skills and introduce complex tricks that will take any chair routine to the next level!  Through combining cabaret, burlesque, contemporary and exotic dance with tricky manoeuvres this course will improve your cardio fitness, flexibility, core strength and stamina so you can produce some impressive chair moves effortlessly. In this class you will discover an exciting prop for you to dance on, around, through, and above.


Beginners burlesque or pole is a prerequiste for this course.

Chairs provided. Please bring sweat towel, water bottle

Fan Dance


Fluttering, floating feather fans

Accredited to Faith Bacon and popularised by Sally Rand, Feathered Fan dancing has been the bawdy bump and grinder's delicate, ephemeral sister in Burlesque. Using conceal and reveal to tease and titillate, feather fan dancing is a staple skill in any Burlesque enthusiasts bag of tricks!   Learn how to become one with your fans as you flutter and float.  Beautiful & mesmerising. 

Every term reveals new choreographies & new fan techniques - therefore you can happily fan dance the whole year round & continue to grow & learn beautiful skills 

Beginner & Intermediate levels available

For Beginner level, no previous experience is required.  

Intermediate requires completion of previous Beginner level fan and a good understanding of fan technique (please understand this you are not automatically Intermediate level after just one term of Beginners.  Fan technique & skill takes time & growth).

Fans provided. Please bring sweat towel, water bottle


Mesmerising, floaty veil fans

Silk veil fans are a gorgeous, fluid burlesque and fusion belly dance prop. Very different to feathered fan work & equally beautiful. Learn mesmerising, fluttering, silk veil fan techniques & choreography with Gina Stirling.

Suitable for beginners to intermediate silk fan dancers. 

Fans provided. Please bring sweat towel, water bottle

Casual Classes


Sassy & fun for everyone

A casual chair choreography class for Beginners,  new Beginners and everyone else that wants to dance on the humble chair!. Learning basic yet eye catching chair moves, combined with floorwork & movement put together in a mini routine.   Sometimes sassy, sometimes slow, sometimes dynamic, but always fun!  This class is perfect for those unable to commit to an 8-week course, and those students wanting an extra weekly class.   You'll never look at a chair quite the same again!

Chairs provided.  Please bring sweat towel, water bottle


Bump 'N Grind, Peel & Pose

A casual Burlesque class for those unable to commit to 8-week courses.  Each week brings a different Burlesque mini routine in a different Burlesque genre.  Classes will include, bump n grind; fan; chair; boas; neo, classic and so much more!  Perfect for all levels including absolute Beginners.  Great as a second class to perfect & delve into your Burlesque style.  A vibrant and fun class.


Please bring sweat towel, water bottle



Pop in any night from 5:15pm and all day Saturdays and have a chat to one of our lovely receptionists. They will be more than happy to help you out with any enquiry!



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