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Burlesque first showed its bottom with the “tease” in a play called Lysistrata by the ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes. Lysistrata is a comedy where the women characters in the play used their sexuality and sensual wiles to convince their husbands to stop the war through sexual blackmail and tease. Burlesque was then seen performed by many Vaudevillians and confronting performers of the 1840s as a political satire and commentary of the social classes.

A typical Burlesque night included 3 or 4 acts of comedy, dance, mime, singing and striptease, with a grand finale. Burlesque then made its way to the shores of the US in early 1900s where the tease (and titties) had major influence. Over the next four decades many burlesque venues opened up, where great performers such as Gypsy Lee Rose and Zorita took to the stage.

Nowadays Burlesque can be clearly defined in two categories – the European political satire, involving taboo topics and risqué performances, and the other being the American pin-up girl style of the saucy tease. Here at Bottoms Up’s we enjoy combining both genres & delving into the modern neo forms, along with the classic & traditional elements.

Burlesque has since evolved dramatically and new burlesque, or neo-burlesque, tends to try to shock the audience and takes on many forms. It includes acts based on the earlier conventions of strip tease, cabaret, comedy and elaborate costumes but brings the original foundations of political satire to the relevant issues of day.

New in 2021 are End of Term Showcases.  Specialty Showcase courses will be available for students who wish to perform their new found craft on stage in a choreographed group routine.


Burlesque Beginners

New to Burlesque?

Bump and grind, peel and pose your way through this 8-week course. Learn the history and the foundations of Burlesque through playful poses, shimmies and shakes, hip and chest isolations, undulations, glove peeling and Burlesque struts. While learning technique and moves you will be guided through a choreographed group routine giving you the tools needed to develop body awareness and confidence, along with a cheeky and seductive burlesque attitude! 

This course is for those with little or no previous experience in dance and burlesque. 

Choreography changes each Term, so you can re-enrol and refine your new found skills, before moving into other genres

All levels of fitness welcome.


ALL courses

We have a wonderful array of Burlesque 4-week & 8-week courses to tickle all fancies! Not all courses run every term so please check the current timetable for full list of what is available.  Courses can rotate between 4 & 8-week courses



Cabaret Musical Theatre

Inspired by choreographies of Bob Fosse and classical musicals such as Chicago, Sweet Charity and Cabaret, Gina will have you using 'jazz hands' & isolations that can be translated into further performance techniques.​  Props are incorporated into some choreographies.

This is Gina's signature class!!

Open to all levels, all bodies, no experience required

Please bring sweat towel, water bottle, small heels if you want




Sparkle. sparkle, sparkle

Inspired by classic Las Vegas showgirl revues like the Lido De Paris at the Stardust and Jubilee! at the Bally this course with Gina Stirling will have you living a showgirl fantasy! Think headdresses and sparkle, sparkle, sparkle! 

Through choreography that's big and sassy you will explore how to shake it till you make it, develop control while performing faster steps and confidence with posing and cheeky moves. 

Suitable for all levels, students need to have Completed Beginners Burlesque 8-week course or equivalent 

Please bring: character shoes or small dance heels, sweat towel, water bottle 

The Art of Draglesque with Azcadelia



From the still image to live in the flesh, allow Azcadelia to show you the ropes in creating a commanding stage presence, develop fierce looks and set the scene with powerful poses (not to mention how to do so on a cheap queens budget). This course will take you from the moment you begin to paint your face through to making your first impression on stage or the screen. 


Course breakdown:

- Chararcter development and expression with drag make up. 

- 'Strike a Pose': work the stage or camera with poses and movement specific to your character 

- 'Actin' Out': Act development and storytelling arc


Draglesque is suitable for all levels. 


Draglesque Choreography

Drag, Burlesque & Cabaret!

Feel yourself and find yourself in Azcadelia's Draglesque, through a hybrid of Drag, Burlesque & Cabaret! Over the term we you will learn burlesque choreography with a lashing of drag and splash of cabaret, created by Azcadelia, that enables you to develop your storytelling abilities to wow an audience with your campy capabilities!


Suitable for all levels. 

Please bring: sweat towel, water bottle 

Disco Fever


Bringing back the 70's

Inspired by artists such as Donna Summer, The Bee Gees and of course the film Saturday Night Fever, Gina will have you doing the funky chicken and grooving into the night!

A fun, energetic course with character/persona building qualities.

Open to ALL levels, all bodies.  No experience necessary

Please bring sweat towel, water bottle

Slow & Sultry Chair

Sensual & slow 

Are you interested in how to incorporate a prop like a chair into your choreography and performance? In Slow & Sultry Chair the chair is your dance partner as Gina teaches you how to use dynamic transitions contrasted with posing and find empowerment through moments of stillness and sensuality. Master the arts of slow and sultry and get your audience all hot and bothered with nothing but yourself and the humble chair! 

Suitable for all levels including Beginners (completion of Burlesque Beginners course preferred but not essential)

Chairs provided. Please bring sweat towel, water bottle

Dirty Dancing

Bump 'n Grind takes a heart throbbing twist. 

Bump, grind and shimmy with a new choreography each week. Because nobody puts baby in the corner!  

Bump 'n Grind throws  spotlight on the transition from golden age peelers through to modern striptease. Learn the techniques, history and attitude of the fierce bump and grinders of Burlesque!  The more classic style of Burlesque.

Suitable for all levels including Beginners (completion of Burlesque Beginners course preferred but not essential)

Please bring sweat towel, water bottle 

Strictly Ballroom

"What do I want? I'll tell you what I want! I want Ken Railings to walk in here right now, 

and say 'Pam Short's broken both her legs, and I wanna dance with YOU!"


Get your happy face on, it's time for Strictly Ballroom Burlesque! We don't care about winning the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix, we're just here to have fun and feel the rhythm. So crack out your favourite pink and green eyeshadow, throw on some sequins and join Bella de Jac  for a tongue-in-cheek open level dance class inspired by the beloved 1992 Australian film Strictly Ballroom.

Suitable for all levels including Beginners (completion of Burlesque Beginners course preferred but not essential)

Please bring sweat towel, water bottle 


Neo, sexy, fierce

Strut is fierce, sexy and stomping it's stilettos into Bottoms Up.  A modern, dance-based, neo burlesque class for students who are ready to amp up the dance with Bella de Jac.

Strut is Intermediate level. You don't have to have done a burlesque class before but you do need to pick up choreography and be ready to MOVE!

Please bring sweat towel, water bottle

Slow & Smouldering

Smoulder.... to smoke and burn slowly with a flame

Bring the tension and the heat with this hot and heavy Burlesque class.  Bella de Jac will guide you to uncover your deep sensuality, subtlety of movement and body language to hold the audiences attention..... and breath.  

Open level. You don't have to have done a burlesque class before but you do need to pick up choreography and be ready to smoulder!

Please bring sweat towel, water bottle

Bumpin' Vixens


50's Grind

Get your groove on with Bumpin' Vixens! This class focuses on traditional burlesque and tease to get the heart rate pumping and the moves rattling. It’s a bumpin' good time for all levels! Feel free to dress up in your fave burly outfit, throw on a lip and let’s burn some rubber with Ferri Maya!

Suitable for all levels including Beginners 

Chairs provided. Please bring sweat towel, water bottle


All about Rock N' Roll attitude!

With hot rock n’roll routines, attitude and red lipstick this brand new course is suitable for beginners to advanced dancers. Unleash your rock’n’roll showgirl while building your dance confidence and strengthening technique with Burlyrock this summer! With over 20 years of experience, Ferri Maya the Goddess of Rock ’n’ Roll, AND the current Miss Burlesque Melbourne 2019, has performed far and wide. She is educated across ALL areas of Dance and has performed internationally for rock royalty and Royalty alike.

BurlyRock is the creation of  Rock n'Roll Goddes Ferri Maya.


fan dance

Feathered Fan Dance


Fluttering, floating feather fans

Accredited to Faith Bacon and popularised by Sally Rand, Feathered Fan dancing has been the bawdy bump and grinder's delicate, ephemeral sister in Burlesque. Using conceal and reveal to tease and titillate, feather fan dancing is a staple skill in any Burlesque enthusiasts bag of tricks!   Learn how to become one with your fans as you flutter and float.  Beautiful & mesmerising. 

Every term reveals new choreography & techniques so you can fan dance the whole year round!

Beginner & Intermediate levels available

For Beginner level, no previous experience is required.  Intermediate requires completion of Beginners fan and a good understanding of fan technique

Fans provided. Please bring sweat towel, water bottle

Silk Fans


Mesmerising, floaty veil fans

Silk veil fans are a gorgeous, fluid burlesque and fusion belly dance prop. Very different to feathered fan work & equally beautiful. Learn mesmerising, fluttering, silk veil fan techniques & choreography with Gina Stirling.

Suitable for beginners to intermediate silk fan dancers. 

Fans provided. Please bring sweat towel, water bottle


Chair 'Ography

Sassy & fun for everyone

A casual chair choreography class for Beginners,  new Beginners and everyone else that wants to dance on the humble chair!. Learning basic yet eye catching chair moves, combined with floorwork & movement put together in a mini routine.   Sometimes sassy, sometimes slow, sometimes dynamic, but always fun!  This class is perfect for those unable to commit to an 8-week course, and those students wanting an extra weekly class.   You'll never look at a chair quite the same again!

Chairs provided.  Please bring sweat towel, water bottle

Casual Burlesque

Bump 'N Grind, Peel & Pose

A casual Burlesque class for those unable to commit to 8-week courses.  Each week brings a different Burlesque mini routine to get your sass on. Perfect for all levels including absolute Beginners.  Great as a second class to perfect & delve into your Burlesque style.  A vibrant and fun class.

 Please bring sweat towel, water bottle



Burlesque Dance Fitness

Join this class for an hour of high energy fitness and fun. Bump n Grind, shimmy and shake your way through a dynamic class incorporating cardio fitness, core, strength and flexibility work with Burlesque moves and disco grooves designed to condition and tone your body while burning those calories away. A great way to improve your fitness level, get your heart rate pumping and have a good old workout filled with FUN!


"I feel like I've just been to party!" - student quote at the end of the class. 


Please bring sweat towel, water bottle. Wear sneakers or bare feet and clothes that don’t restrict your movement. Gym attire is perfect!

NB: not currently running


Pop in any night from 5:15pm and all day Saturdays and have a chat to one of our lovely receptionists. They will be more than happy to help you out with any enquiry!



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