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New & Beginners

Welcome to Bottoms Up!

We understand it can be daunting stepping into a new studio for the first time, so we want to make it easy for you.  This page outlines some of the 8-week courses and casual classes that will introduce you to Burlesque, Pole Dance, Floorwork and Movement classes.

Bottoms Up! is an inclusive studio. We welcome everyone, all ages (18+), all walks of life, all gender identities, all levels of fitness. Everybody has to start somewhere.  The hardest step is beginning. You are almost there!!

Primarily we offer 8-week courses, (which makes up one term), along with weekly Casual classes.  

Beginner level Courses are for those with no experience.  Courses delve further into the style & art learning technique & foundations.  We recommend these for those interested in learning & perfecting your chosen style.

Casual classes are one off classes every week whereby you can come & go as you please. Perfect for those unable to commit to an 8-week course.  Content is not progressive within a casual class.

If you are still a little unsure of where to begin, please email and our wonderful Reception will answer all your queries.




Sassy & fun for everyone


A casual chair choreography class for Beginners,  new Beginners and everyone else that wants to dance on the humble chair!. Learning basic yet eye catching chair moves, combined with floorwork & movement put together in a mini routine.   Sometimes sassy, sometimes slow, sometimes dynamic, but always fun!  This class is perfect for those unable to commit to an 8-week course, and those students wanting an extra weekly class.   You'll never look at a chair quite the same again!

Open to ALL levels including brand new Beginners!

Chairs provided.  Please bring sweat towel, water bottle


Bump 'N Grind, Peel & Pose


A casual Burlesque class for those unable to commit to 8-week courses.  Each week brings a different Burlesque mini routine in a different Burlesque genre.  Classes will include, bump n grind; fan; chair; boas; neo, classic and so much more!  Perfect for all levels including absolute Beginners.  Great as a second class to perfect & delve into your Burlesque style.  A vibrant and fun class.

Open to ALL levels including brand new Beginners!

Please bring sweat towel, water bottle

Pole Beginners

No strength or fitness level is required to join a Pole Beginner Course!    

All strengthening will be gained throughout the course.

For the absolute beginner!
8-week term

Designed for ALL bodies:  all ages, all genres, all shapes & sizes and all walks of life. This course introduces you to your new love affair with the pole! Learning the important fundamentals of how you hold/move with the pole, combining basic pole spins, climbing, technique & dance movement.. By the end of 8-weeks you’ll be spinning, climbing and be Bottoms Up! on the pole. Regardless of what dance background you are from Beginners pole is always your introduction to pole dancing.

Static pole course


Completed a Beginners course?

8-week term

This is for those who have completed a Beginner level course, Beginners 2 prerequisites are; confidence climbing to top of pole, understanding & competent with spins from Beginners syllabus on BOTH sides!  Understanding of inverting.  Knowledge of names of pole moves,  Every week you will climb, invert and learn new fancy spins on static pole, be introduced to spin pole, increase your strength & pole repertoire.

6-weeks Static pole/2-weeks Spin pole


Sassy, sexy & downright fun


If you’re interested in trying pole dancing we suggest coming to Pole’Ography. This casual choreography class is sooooo much fun and perfect for beginners & new brand new students. You will learn basic spins, floorwork and movement and put together in a sassy mini routine.  Pole’Ography is the best cardio workout you'll ever try, an excellent start to your weekend & perfect to get a sassy taste of what Pole Dancing is all about,

Beginner & new Beginner friendly!

Heels and knee-pads required.

Please bring sweat towel, separate pole cleaning towel, water bottle


FLOOR FLOW® (level 1)

the floor is your apparatus

8-week term

Come & immerse yourself on the floor and connect with your body, mind & music, whilst moving gently & continually through movement patterns that will end up in glorious looping combos all over the floor.  Undulating, waving, gliding, soaring, painting, slipping, sliding, swirling..  There is something quite beautiful with your head on the ground that connects to ones body and finds your flow state within.  Each class gives a new nourishing combination of movements that loop beautifully together in linear, circular combos.  Class begins and ends with. a freestyle that is all yours!  It is a movement experience like no other.  Floor flow is a practise that keeps on giving meaning you can stay at this level for years and still discover new moments and ideas every single week!


No experience or level is required to join us on the floor.  

You will need to wear long pants, socks or legwarmers, knee pads, and something to cover your shoulders. You want to be able to slip & slide all over the floor!

FILTHY FLOOR (level 1)

Flexibility and stamina - the sexy way!

8-week term

Sexy, strip-club style floor work. Old-school grinds, hip dips, pussy pops, body rolls, leg work, twerks and heel clacks. You will learn technique, tricks, along with damm hot choreography! 

Created & taught with old-school strip club experience by Amanda! 

Suitable for all levels & non pole students

Heels/boots & kneepads essential (this can be done barefoot but the style lends to wearing heels for all those clacks!)

Bring something to cover shoulders. Bring sweat towel & water bottle


Floor-work Intensive

8-week term

Learning some key elements of any floor work, rolling, shoulder stands, floor jade, kip ups, fish flops and shoulder stands! Once you have the foundations - all the fancy stuff then becomes available to you - and we always want to add to our repertoire!  Everyone eventually ends up on the floor - so come along and learn the base skills safely & confidently.  Once you have these base skills all floor-work classes become available to you.

Suitable for ALL students; pole/burlesque/floor.  Open level

Wear pants, bring kneepads, socks/legwarmers and something to cover your shoulders.

If you are still unsure, please pop into our studio and have a feel for yourselves, meet other students, chat with our Receptionists.  Casual classes are always a great way to begin with no full commitment. You can check out all of our CASUAL CLASSES here



Pop in any night from 5:15pm and all day Saturdays and have a chat to one of our lovely receptionists. They will be more than happy to help you out with any enquiry!



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