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Beginner Levels

For the absolute beginner!

Designed for ALL bodies:  all ages, all genres, all shapes & sizes and all walks of life. This course introduces you to your new love affair with the pole! Learning the important fundamentals of how you hold/move with the pole, combining basic pole spins, climbing, technique & dance movement.. By the end of 8-weeks you’ll be spinning, climbing and be Bottoms Up! on the pole. Regardless of what dance background you are from Beginners pole is always your introduction to pole dancing.

Static pole course

Completed a Beginners course?

This is for those who have completed a Beginner level course, Beginners 2 prerequisites are; confidence climbing to top of pole, understanding & competent with spins from Beginners syllabus on BOTH sides!  Understanding of inverting.  Knowledge of names of pole moves,  Every week you will climb, invert and learn new fancy spins on static pole, be introduced to spin pole, increase your strength & pole repertoire.

6-weeks Static pole/2-weeks Spin pole

Intermediate Levels

Going up!

Now that you are becoming stronger, and have an understanding of pole, Intermediate 1 introduces you to the next level of strength-orientated tricks up the pole, sideways spins, inverts & climbing combinations.  Intermediate 1 level assumes a good understanding of pole.

Prerequisites include:  full climbs on both sides; full inverts & inverted crucifix both sides; confident working up the pole in sits; good understanding of spin tricks, knowledge of names of moves

Spin & Static course

The fun begins!

Intermediate 2 follows with all the flashy moves; Trickier lifts, leg hangs, eye-catching spins, inverts & combinations of all moves blended with new dance techniques. Includes the beginnings of ‘work in progress’ moves required for higher levels.

Prerequisites include: Confidence with upright combos up the pole;  inversions on both sides & inversion combo; competent with  spins on spin & static pole 

Spin & Static course

Hitting the big time!

Intermediate 3 consists of more complex combinations of all aerial moves, spins & inverted tricks. It is now time for some real attention grabbing pole work! You have now hit a higher level of pole dancing and will require strength &  stamina. 

Prerequisites include: inverted moves such as straddle; butterfly; inside leg hang; competent & confidence with upright & inverted combos, ability to string tricks together; confident with spins on spin & static pole, knowledge of trick names

Spin & Static course

Perfect your aerial strength and transitions!

This course comprises of aerial , inverted & upright & spin combinations of all moves learned throughout the Beginner & Intermediate syllabi, while adding new tricks to your repertoire. Focus on conditioning your aerial strength, engage your flow, work on technique and make your transitions from one trick to another beautiful & seamless.  It will also give you knowledge of how tricks can move seamlessly into one another to create beautiful aerial combos.  It's a really fun course!

Prerequisites include: aerial straddles, solid inside & outside leg hang, back crucifix, confidence with upright & inverted combos, ability to create combos

Spin & Static course

Grounded Courses

Grounded pole tricks to take you from floor to pole, pole to floor

Acro based. Rolling, forearm stands, handstands, shoulder stands, helicopters, flow and so much more to give you different & innovative ways to move from the base of the pole to aerial.  This is going to be a lot of fun! 

Open to all students Inter 3 & above.  Must be able to outside leg hook, & pole assisted handstand

Grounded pole tricks to take you from floor to pole, pole to floor

This course builds strength & skills for pole assisted handstands & forearm balances. Includes drills & fun new shapes and adds a whole new world into your pole repertoire! 

Requirement: ability to kick up into a pole assisted handstand (brass monkey handstand).  Class will include progressions to cater for a range of skill levels.  Intermediate 3 & above students

Advanced Levels

beauty in simplicity

There is beauty in simplicity.  This course focuses on the space in between, the transitions in your pole combos, to make something beautiful, dynamic or engaging. Smooth and interesting transitions elevate pole combos to make what can be quite a simple combo look unique and like something incredibly complex.  This is where your pole dancing goes to a new level as you begin to think outside the box & create interesting & eye catching combos where simplicity is the key!

A must for all pole students Inter 4 and above. 

Spin & Static course


Advanced levels 1 – 2 continue with intricate combinations of high skill level. Advanced levels assume a good understanding of not only pole, but a higher level of strength, flexibility & stamina. If you have followed through with all Bottoms Up! Pole courses you will have a thorough understanding of the art of pole, along with a great level of strength, stamina & flexibility. Well done you!!

Prerequisites include: Students need to have completed all prior levels of pole before enrolling. It is advisable to speak with your instructor prior to enrolment, or email Reception,  

Spin & Static course

Pre-elite & performance level

This course is a true adventure!  A high level performance course comprising of the many different aspects of pole dancing. The course includes static & spin pole, unique aerial combinations, drops, dynamics, static flow,  Focusses on building dance, flow movement, floor work, base work, low-flow, grounded work, acro, handstands, rolling and much more.  Learning how to listen & work with music..

At high levels of pole dance we encourage every individual to find their own unique movement and learning to flourish via unlocking this.  For competitors & performers increasing their knowledge of movement in general and becoming a fierce & unique performer.  Learning choreography & working within a group to perform group showcase performances is also a key feature.  You will become an all rounded performance artist with your own distinct flair, which we believe is highly important.

Please check prior to enrolling.  Good technique & a sound knowledge of pole is required.

Every week - a new adventure!

Taught by pole champ extraordinaire Natty Stephens, this course features unusual advanced moves from around the worldwide pole world, trending tricks and the intricacies involved.  Once you're up the pole there are many roads you can choose - an adventure whereby you can go anywhere!  

A high level & understanding of pole is imperative - this is not for the faint hearted, and is an amazing & very fun course that will give you a sense of achievement, some fancy, crazy & unusual tricks & combinations, along with strong muscles. 

Prerequisite tricks:  Aerial inverts; shouldermount; Handspring/Ayesha holds; Brass Monkey; along with good technique and a sound understanding of pole. 

This course is is subject to acceptance. Please contact  if you have any questions

Private Lessons

Private & Semi Private Lessons are a great way to enhance & accelerate your learning and are useful for any level dancer.   Privates are available for any student wishing to add to their syllabus and enhance style & technique, strength, conditioning, or just understanding & nailing that particular move/trick that is your nemesis (we all have them!).  Choreography, tricks, transitions and combinations suited to your individuality and dance style.   All private lessons are tailored to your individual speed, skill & level & content.

All of our Teachers at Bottoms Up are available for private lessons in pole, burlesque, floor, movement, pilates & choreography via request.   We pride ourselves on having an amazingly knowledgeable & experienced team who have been in our Industries since their fruition.  All of our  teachers share a different style and strength that make our studio the unique and creative environment we are.  

To book your lesson please email

Shout yourself, or grab a small group together.  Private and semi private. POR

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