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What to Wear

With all classes at Bottoms Up! we want you to feel comfortable, therefore wear clothes that are comfy & allow you to move freely. Our classes are designed around you feeling good about yourself, learning new skills, improving body strength and most importantly - bringing out 'you'!  

While you definitely don't have to 'dress for class', we always encourage you to bring along your own fun dress ups to suit the style of class you are doing.  Whatever inspires you and makes you feel great!

Please always bring a sweat towel, pole cleaning towel if doing pole, and water bottle.  Check the class description of the class you are enrolling in for additional info.


For all classes that include pole, shorts are highly recommended, as the gripping of your skin on the pole is an integral part of the art. Wearing trackies or tights whilst learning pole can cause you to slip, and may hinder your pole dancing! Shorts don’t mean hotpants – so just as long as you are comfy! However, we understand the first class is nerve-racking so leggings are ok for your initial class.  For the warm-ups & cool downs, a jumper and trackies are perfect.

For your feet, barefoot is fine., especially during syllabus classes. Boots or pole heels add to the sassiness, and are required  for some dance based classes.  Heels must be pole heels/or boots and have an ankle strap, as slip on shoes can become dangerous flying objects!  


Dance based classes mainly require heels (with the exception of Fluidity) & kneepads.  Fluidity requires socks or leg warmers, long pants & kneepads.  With dance classes, dressing for class can add to the atmosphere of the style you are learning.

Check the class description if see if there are any additional requirements.  Don't stress if you don't have heels straight away.  Classes can be done barefoot (or socks), but wearing heels lends itself to the style.

Please remove all rings, angles, dangly earrings and belt buckles to avoid damage to poles and yourselves.  No spiky shoes, or shoes with buckles etc.

Please do not put on moisturiser, tanning lotion, suncream or any oils prior to a class, as this will make the poles slippery. It also leaves them greasy and therefore dangerous for other pole users.

Please bring with you to all classes; yoga mat (for warmups), sweat towel, additional pole cleaning towel, water bottle



Burlesque classes require a good warm up and cool down so wear something comfy that allows you to move. Some classes are more focused on stagecraft so make sure to bring something warm to throw on. The first class doesn’t require anything other than something comfy to dance in but further classes may require sturdy, well-fitted high heeled shoes or boots. They don’t have to be too high a small heel is fine.

Students may be required to supply their own stockings, gloves and/or pasties for use in their class. (Nothing is required on the first day of all courses and teachers will inform you when and if these items will be required).

Please bring with you to all classes; yoga mat (for warmups), sweat towel, water bottle


All Floor classes require kneepads.  Clothes that allow to you to move freely.  Pole Heels/boots for heels floorwork, For Floor Flow socks/legwarmers.  It is always handy to have something to cover your shoulders for all floor classes.  Again, while you don't have to dress for class, it can add to the atmosphere and style.

Please bring with you to all classes; yoga mat (if required), sweat towel, water bottle


Wear something that allows your body to move freely, and doesn’t restrict you when holding stretches. Bring something warm to wear during warm ups & cool downs.

Please bring with you to all classes; yoga mat, yoga block/theraband (If required) sweat towel, water bottle

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