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Pole Dance is amazing for fitness, strength and toning. Many people these days are looking for an alternative to traditional gym sessions and have found what they are looking for in pole dance classes.  You don’t need any sort of strength or fitness to try.  Pole will build your strength from day one!


Bottoms Up! Pole Dance courses run in 8 week terms, one regular class per week for one hour.  Classes include a warm up, pole work, spins, aerial tricks, floor-work, foot-work, movement, dance and warm down. Content progresses week by week, course by course, as your strength, skill and confidence increases. We also have dance based pole classes for all levels to supplement your learning.  

We do advise you need to be able to attend at least 80% of your 8-week course.


We use 45ml & 40ml static & spin poles with a range of different skin grips to choose from. Using a standard width pole in the beginning is advisable, as it will build your wrist & forearm strength and

control right from the beginning.  

All pole courses with the exception of Beginner level are taught on spin & static pole.


Bottoms Up! is a fun and friendly environment, come alone or come with friends.  We welcome every body - all ages, all gender identities, genres, walks of life, shapes & sizes,  

Pole is an awesome sport and anyone can begin!

Spots are limited in all course classes to ensure you have your own pole. Bookings are essential.



Pole Dancing for Beginners

For the absolute beginner!

Designed for ALL women & men: all ages, all genres, all shapes & sizes and all walks of life. This course introduces you to your new love affair with the pole! Combining basic pole moves, sassy spins, poses & burlesque dance moves. By the end of 8-weeks you’ll be spinning, climbing and be Bottoms Up! on the pole. You’ll also have one wickedly hot routine that will impress anybody!  

Static pole course

Completed a Beginners course?

This is for those who have completed a Beginner level course,  Intermediate levels require confidence climbing and inverting and  Beginners 2  will give you that confidence with building these specific strengths weekly, while focusing on all the spin moves put into different little mini dance combos each week. Comprising of spins, movement & footwork with choreography. You’ll be able to relax into the moves to create beautiful lines & flow, as you already know the technique, so let the flow happen. This is a really fun course and on completion of this you are ready to move into the Intermediate levels!!  

6-weeks Static pole/2-weeks Spin pole

Intermediate Pole Dance Levels

Going up!

Now that you are becoming stronger, and have an understanding of pole, Intermediate 1 introduces you to the next level of strength-orientated tricks up the pole, sideways spins, inverts & climbing combinations. Throughout the course your strength & confidence will increase preparing you for the flashy tricks to come! Intermediate 1 level assumes a basic understanding of pole. Students do need to have completed a Bottoms Up! Beginners Pole course, (or its equivalent), in order to enrol in this course. Confidence in climbing and inverting is required.  

Spin & Static course

The aerial beginning!

Now the fun begins! Intermediate 2 follows with all the flash moves; Trickier lifts, leg hangs, eye-catching spins, inverts & combinations of all moves blended with new dance techniques. Includes the beginnings of ‘work in progress’ moves required for higher levels. *Students need to have successfully completed Intermediate 1 to enroll in this course. Confidence with being at the top of the pole, inversions and spins is required.  

Spin & Static course

Hitting the big time!

Intermediate 3 consists of more complex combinations of all aerial moves, spins & tricks. Its now time for some real attention grabbing pole work! You have now hit a higher level of pole dancing and will require strength &  stamina. Students will need to have confidently completed all pole course levels prior to enrolling. It is also advisable to speak with your instructor before booking.  

Spin & Static course

Perfect your aerial strength and transitions!

This course comprises of aerial & spin combinations of all moves learned throughout the Beginner & Intermediate syllabi. This will focus on conditioning your aerial strength, engage your flow, work on technique and make your transitions from one trick to another beautiful & seamless.  It will also give you knowledge of how tricks can move seamlessly into one another to create beautiful aerial combos.  Its a really fun course.

Spin & Static course

Grounded pole tricks to take you from floor to pole, pole to floor

Acro based. Rolling, forearm stands, handstands, shoulder stands, helicopters, flow and so much more to give you different & innovative ways to move from the base of the pole to aerial.  This is going to be a lot of fun! 


Open to all students Inter 3 & above.  Must be able to outside leg hook, & pole assisted handstand


Advanced Pole Dance Levels

Line, fluidity and technique

This is a transitional course, designed to give you the strength, stamina &  confidence to move into the advanced levels. Focusing on building strength and attention to detail on all moves learned so far. Incorporating moves from Beginner & Intermediate levels, into spin &  aerial combinations, focusing on transitions in and out of moves. Learning variations, combinations and aerial inverts. Line, fluidity & technique are a main focus. Perfect for those requiring more strength, and those who are not quite ready to move into the Advanced levels. This is where many of the fundamentals for key ariel tricks are learned and broken down safely to ensure perfect understanding. This is the ideal course for high-level students who have learned elsewhere, and those who have had a break from pole. Also acts as a second course for students wanting pole twice a week. You do need to have completed pole courses to at least Intermediate 3 or Advanced levels. Completion of this course will give you all the strength & confidence to move happily into the advanced levels.  

Spin & Static course

Wow! You made it!

Advanced levels 1 – 6 continue with intricate combinations of high skill level. Advanced levels assume a good understanding of not only pole, but a higher level of strength, flexibility & stamina. If you have followed through with all Bottoms Up! Pole courses you will have a thorough understanding of the art of pole, along with a great level of strength, stamina & flexibility. Well done you!! *Students need to have completed all prior levels of pole before enrolling. It is advisable to speak with your instructor prior to enrolment.  

Spin & Static course



Super Advanced Pole Dance Levels

Our Super Advanced levels are for accomplished Pole Dancers, performance & competition level.  

Please email prior to enrolling into these courses.

Taught by pole champion Lisa D

This course will feature some of Lisa's unique signature tricks as well as unusual advanced moves from around the pole world and the intricacies involved. A big aspect of this course focuses on strength building & stretching of those pesky muscles that are so important for high level pole dancing. Not for the faint hearted, but an amazing course that will give you a sense of achievement, some fancy, crazy & unusual tricks & combinations,along with strong muscles. The perfect second class to add to your weekly workout. It’s time to quit the gym and pole dance instead!

The prerequisite tricks for this class are: 

Aerial Shouldermount; Handspring; Brass Monkey; Tabletop

We welcome students from other studios. This course is is subject to acceptance. Please contact  if you have any questions

Pre-elite & performance level

This course is an adventure!  A high level performance & competition course comprising of the many different aspects of pole dancing. The course includes static & spin pole, aerial combinations, drops, dynamics, flips.  Also focusses on dance, flow movement, floor work, base work, low-flow, grounded work, acro, handstands, rolling and much more. Heels and bare foot.  Learning how to listen & work with music..

At high levels of pole dance we encourage every individual to find their own unique movement and learning to flourish via unlocking this.  For competitors & performers increasing their knowledge of movement in general and becoming a fierce & unique performer.  Learning choreography & working within a group to perform group showcase performances is also a key feature.  You will become an all rounded performance artist with your own distinct flair.

Please check prior to enrolling

Crafted & taught by Jacquie (aka Sparkarella)

A little more spin experienced?

Spin pole course for higher level students with some spin experience, and able to comfortably aerial invert. You will learn lovely flowing combinations of moves and tricks. The ground is like lava, so feet don’t touch the ground! 

Currently not running.



"like everyone is watching!"

Dance & movement in any form fills the heart with joy & makes one happy!  At Bottoms Up we have both barefoot & heels dance classes that you can immerse yourself in.  These are perfect to add as a second course and will compliment  and add new elements to your individual movement which translates to your pole class. 


Lyrical Pole Dance

Lyrical pole explores a different  approach with fluid movement with the pole. Using musicality, expression, with shapes from contemporary dance forms & floor flow, you will learn to use your body in unusual ways, and discover a new style. The pole is incorporated into the dance rather than it being the focal point.

You can expect floor work, rolling, leaping, sweeping spins rather than big pole tricks. 

Throughout the course we work on one long routine over the 8-weeks, along with conditioning specific lyrical movements on and off the pole. By the end you’ll have beautiful lyrical routine, and a new and unique

outlook on pole 'dancing'.


All lyrical courses act as performance courses for Bottoms Up Studio Open Nights & end of year show extravaganzas!

Lyrical is a barefoot course and its advisable to bring leg-warmers or socks, kneepads, long pants, & something to cover your shoulders!  

flowing & smooth

For those new to lyrical movement.  This course will give you choreography right from the beginning while working & learning on how to use your body to create momentum & flair.  Learning & using contrasting shapes with your body and the pole,  Using fluid & flow movement to develop choreography into a lovely long routine throughout the 8-week course.

Understanding, listening & working with music is a huge part​ of the Lyrical course.  Movement & music go hand & hand.  You will learn choreography  that can combine strong sharp moments with fluid movement that is soft & floating.

Lyricalettes is for those students Intermediate 2 & above who have a knowledge of pole dancing.

Taught & choreographed by Jacquie (aka Sparkarella)

currently not running

leap, fly & soar!

Taking it a step further Lyrical X includes unusual aerial work, more complicated & sweeping rolls on and off the pole, Leaps that fly & soar, dance combinations from ground swirling upwards, handstands and more in-depth choreography.

Understanding breadth and length of movement, dancing with 'light & shade' is a huge focus.  Dancing with sharp & strong movement combined with lilt & flow.  Working within a group environment to create and perform eye-catching & unusual shows that are performed at Bottoms Up events.

Lyrical X is for higher level students with dance / lyrical movement experience.  This is a performance level course and is via acceptance only.  Please email for further details.

Taught & choreographed by Jacquie (aka Sparkarella)


Russian Exotic Flow

dark, fierce, fluid

Body waves, leg waves, dynamic spins, presses, lifts & holds - Russian Exotic has a little bit of everything.  Combining this into choreography, while along the way focussing on learning the nuances that make this style soooooo good!   

It is dark, fierce & fluid.


Russian Exotic Flow is inspired by the styles of Eva Bembo, Daria Che & Olga Koda.  Russian Exotic at Bottoms Up is crafted, created & choreographed by Lisa D blending her own unique movement with the elements that make this style so eye-catching, mesmerising & mind-blowing!  The choreography also focuses on how to listen & move with

the music, 

Students will learn 2x 4-week choreographies each term.

Open to students Intermediate 2 & above with sound pole dance knowledge.

Kneepads & your highest heels required for all classes

Low Flow Heels with Jaq

Gliding, sweeping, swirling  

Move like liquid. Smooth, graceful, circular low flow movement blending Jacquie’s signature style of pole flow, fluidity & floor flow with exotic tones..  Learn to dance on your toe-box. Create line & length throughout all parts of your body. Discover & understand the tiny micro-movements & nuances and learn to blend these with big sweeping circular moments to create new fluid low flow combos each week.  Musicality is a huge part of this class.  One combo can be danced in many ways using different music.  You will discover this too!

Students will learn short & new flow combos every week, including floor work & technique

Heels, kneepads & pants required.  Inter 2 & above


Exotic Pole with Amanda

Slinky & Sexy old school

Learn slinky, sexy, wavy pole tricks and transitions through old school exotic pole dance. Discover the secrets to controlled sensual movement in this choreography based class. Slower than Russian Exotic & Low Flow Heels but no less a workout! 

Bring heels, knee pads and pole shorts

Suitable for ALL levels & non-pole students.

Fluidity with Jaq

Move & flow like liquid

Refine your movement, move like liquid and flow around the pole. This is the class for you. Concentrating on grounded movement, leaps & spins & floorwork, Fluidity will give you the tools to create beautiful fluid movement on and off the pole.  By using body as momentum you will have a whole new approach to pole dancing. 


Rather than focussing on choreography, Fluidity will give you short sequences of movement that swirl & roll from ground & floor and back again, every single week.  You will find new movement pathways that will benefit you in any form of movement.

Fluidity is a barefoot course.  Kneepads, long pants, socks/leg warmers and bring something to cover your shoulders.

This class is highly recommended and suitable for students Inter 2 and above


Pole 'Ography - 1

Sassy, sexy & downright fun!

Beginner Level

If you’re interested in trying pole dancing we suggest coming to Pole’Ography on Saturday afternoons at 12.45pm. This casual choreography class is sooooo much fun and perfect for beginners & new brand new students.

You will learn basic spins, floorwork and movement and put together in a sassy mini routine. 

Pole’ography is a great cardio workout for your Saturday and an excellent start to the weekend.

Heels and knee-pads are great, but not a necessity.


Pole 'Ography - 2

Amp up the sass!

Inter levels & above

Pole 'Og 2 is students Intermediate level and above.  Like Pole 'Og 1 it's a sassy & fun choreography class with

different mini routines each week.  The pole tricks are a little harder, but the fun factor the same!

Heels and knee-pads are great, but not a necessity.




Tango Pole with Jaq


Passionate, fiery, fierce

Tango, the vibrant, playful & passionate dance. It is a dance of intertwined bodies engaged in a dialogue of limbs.  Its main characteristics are its musicality & playfulness.  With Jacquie’s experience in the Argentine tango, blended with pole will bring a fiery & provocative dance, featuring leg work, lifts, footwork, but primarily the passion.  The pole is your dance partner & together you will learn an impassioned dance which will become a moving seduction.

Tango Pole is a short course available in TERM 2 only!  

Open to ALL level students with Pole experience.  

Feel free to dress accordingly.  Low heels preferred (no high pole heels)

Low heels preferred (no high pole heels!).  Feel free to dress accordingly!

Open level with Pole experience 


Freestyle Movement

Freestyle Movement is about the moment!

Free-styling is not everybody's cup of tea. The ability to spontaneously come up with movements inspired by the music selected can be confronting.  With guided prompts, this class will unlock movement within your body.  Music gives off a feeling, an attitude and a message.  To be able to express yourself freely with no rules. No fundamental movements are required. This class will guide you to find your own raw movement and give you the ability to be free and express yourself through your own movement.  You will end up loving free style and will see the advantage it gives your individual movement.


This class is for any person of any level, any genre of dance.  While poles are used, this is not a pole based class, and we invite everyone to come and find your freestyle movement. 

Currently not running


Private Lessons

Private & Semi Private Lessons are a great way to enhance & accelerate your learning.  These are available

for any pole dancer wishing to add to their syllabus and enhance style & technique, strength, conditioning. Choreography, tricks, transitions and combinations suited to your individuality and dance style.  

All private lessons are tailored to your specific speed, skill & level.

All of our Teachers at Bottoms Up are available for private lessons on request.   We pride ourselves on having an amazingly knowledgeable & experienced team who have been in the Industry since its fruition.  All of our

teachers share a different style and strength that make our studio the unique and creative environment we are.  

To book your lesson please email reception@bottomsupdance.com.au.  

Shout yourself, or grab a small group together.  Private and semi private. POR


Pop in any night from 5:15pm and all day Saturdays and have a chat to one of our lovely receptionists. They will be more than happy to help you out with any enquiry!



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