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welcome to 
Bottoms Up!

Bottoms Up is a unique, diverse & inclusive studio located in the heart of East Brunswick.

.  We are a boutique studio with our roots in both the Australian Burlesque & Australian Pole Dance history books.  

Movement & bodies are our passion - and we love to share our passions with you!

 Owned by Amanda Miller (Elle Diablo) & Jacquie Thomas (Sparkarella), Bottoms Up is a wonderful community of all bodies sharing, learning, laughing & moving together .

come move with us!

love Amanda & Jacquie


So freakin fun! I started wanting to find some body love and found such an awesome open fun bunch of sexy people and had the best term learning to shimmy what my mumma gave me. Thank you!

Elizabeth, Nov 2016

Just finished Beginner Burlesque and Pole for Term 3 at the Brunswick Studio and thoroughly enjoyed them both! Will be back for Term 4! The teachers are lovely, classes are fun and very informative. Cannot recommend them enough for someone eventually looking to perform and just for fun.

Cassandra, Jul 2016

I've been dancing at Bottoms Up for the last year and a half, the classes are amazing, the teachers are fantastic and it's the most friendly, happy and encouraging place. I've made amazing friends, seen amazing acts and my self confidence has grown so much. Thanks Bottoms Up!

Rhianna, May 2016

A few lovely things our students have to say about Bottoms Up!


3 Pitt Street, Brunswick VIC 3055  |  Ph: (03) 9041 4614



Pop in any night from 5pm and all day Saturdays and have a chat to one of our lovely receptionists. They will be more than happy to help you out with any enquiry!



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