Casual Classes


at Bottoms Up!

Still not sure if our studio is right for you? Come along to casual class and see what we’re all about!

Our casual classes compliment our four streams: Pole, Burlesque, Dance and Movement.

All our casual classes are $20 for a single class. Please book in advance through our website.

We also have a range of casual class passes to suit every budget.  

5 class pass $85 / 10 class pass $150 / 20 class pass $200.


Pole Dance

Saturdays 12:45pm

If you’re interested in trying pole dancing we suggest coming to Pole’ography on Saturday afternoons at 12.45pm. This casual choreography class is perfect for beginners & new brand new students! You will learn basic spins, floorwork and movement and put together in a mini routine. Pole’ography is great cardio workout for your Saturday morning and an excellent start to the weekend. 

Beginner level

pole'ography 2
Saturdays 1.45pm

The same format as Pole'Ography level 1, but stepping it up a notch!  Sassy & fun choreography to awesome tunes combining spins, floorwork & dance movement into a sweet little mini routine.

Inter levels & above

Heels & kneepads are great for Pole 'Og classes, but are not essential




Tuesday 6:30pm

A casual chair choreography class for Beginners,  new Beginners and everyone else that wants to dance on the humble chair!. Learning basic yet eye catching chair moves, combined with floorwork & movement put together in a mini routine.   Sometimes sassy, sometimes slow, sometimes dynamic, but always fun!  This class is perfect for those unable to commit to an 8-week course, and those students wanting an extra weekly class.   You'll never look at a chair quite the same again!

*NB: currently not running through Term 5


Saturday 11.45am

Bump 'N Grind, Shimmy 'N Shake.  This is a brand new casual class putting the sass into your Saturday mornings. Every week you will be treated to a new mini Burlesque routine focussing on different elements of the art of Burlesque.  This class is perfect for those unable to commit to an 8-week course.  Those wanting to try Burlesque with no commitment, and also for those students wanting to refine & practise their Burlesque moves.  It is the ideal start to your weekend!


Stretch & Strengthen


These are the classes that will compliment your training and help you reach your goals faster. Not sure what your goals are yet? That’s ok, each of these classes are a fun and interesting and will have you forget that you’re ‘working out’!

Rock 'n' Roll - Myo-fascial release CLASS
Tuesday 5.30pm

‘Rock & Roll’ is targeted myo-fascial release class using trigger point massage ball rolling routines to relieve pain, alleviate anxiety, and improve mobility, posture and performance. ‘Rock & Roll’ will teach self-treatment strategies for the entire body with focused routines for the neck, jaw, shoulders, lower back, hips, hands, feet and legs. This class will provide pain relief for desk workers to dancers and allow you to get the most out of your body! This casual class is suitable for all levels of fitness. Equipment provided.

*NB: not running throughout Term 5

Saturday 11:30am

An 75minute class to workout & intensively stretch your back and increase your flexibility in all split directions. There is also a focus on teaching & using correct technique to safely stretch. Flexibility is not natural for most people and takes effort & time in a safe environment. Essential for any dancer of any level - NOT just pole dancers!

Saturday 10.30am 

Yes, these are important muscles to work and the stronger these become the better off you’ll be! This class is a workout and stretch intensive for these pesky areas. Toning, strengthening and stretching to help improve splits and strength.  This class also includes pre-hab exercises.



‘Movement’ is exactly as it sounds, moving your body! It can be in a more traditional class like stretch or something more experimental such as Freestyle. No matter how you choose to express yourself movement is a therapeutic process that we are all about at Bottoms Up!

Freestyle Movement is about the moment. The ability to spontaneously come up with movements inspired by the music selected. Music gives off a feeling, an attitude and a message. To be able to express yourself freely with no rules.  No fundamental movements are required. This casual class will guide you to find your own raw movement and give you the ability to be free and express yourself through your own movement.

NB: currently not running


Practise Sessions

Practise sessions are exactly that!  Practise makes perfect,  These unsupervised sessions are about you practising what you already know.   It's also a great time to be social and meet likewise students doing just the same.  Practise sessions are open to all levels.  Times may vary from term to term so please check current timetables.

POLE Practise sessions: Mon/Tues/Thurs 5.30-6.30pm & Saturdays 2.45-4pm (Studio 2)


Private Lessons

Private & Semi Private Lessons are a great way to enhance & accelerate your learning.  These are available

for any pole dancer wishing to add to their syllabus and enhance style & technique, strength, conditioning. Choreography, tricks, transitions and combinations suited to your individuality and dance style.  

All private lessons are tailored to your specific speed, skill & level.

All of our Teachers at Bottoms Up are available for private lessons on request.   We pride ourselves on having an amazingly knowledgeable & experienced team who have been in the Industry since its fruition.  All of our

teachers share a different style and strength that make our studio the unique and creative environment we are.  

To book your lesson please email  

Shout yourself, or grab a small group together.  Private and semi private. POR


Pop in any night from 5:15pm and all day Saturdays and have a chat to one of our lovely receptionists. They will be more than happy to help you out with any enquiry!



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