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‘Movement’ is exactly as it sounds, moving your body! It can be in more traditional ways or something more experimental, sensual & fierce.  No matter how you choose to express yourself movement is a therapeutic process that we are all about at Bottoms Up!

Floor Flow®

Slow down, sense more & let it all out

Floor Flow® is a movement practice that encourages you to get lost in the grounding and sensual nature of floorwork. Developed by Marlo Fisken, to reveal how focused floor contact can benefit everyone. 


With an emphasis on how things feel, rather than how they look, Floor Flow classes provide you a place to get out of your head, and into your body.  Heighten your movement awareness as you move creatively through easy-to-remember looping sequences that emphasize fluidity, control, and joint mobility, slithery, circular primal patterns, musicality and expression. An ongoing Floor Flow practice can lead to immense athleticism, creativity, and expression.  In Floor Flow, the floor is your apparatus. 

Floor Flow is for everyone. If you can lay down on the floor, you can Floor Flow. Floor-work is therapeutic, safe, and very progressive. It’s the perfect place to gain awareness and freedom of movement. Yes, it can be performed at high levels, but it’s all rooted in the same basic foundations.


Jacquie was the first certified Floor Flow® in the world under the Flow Movement brand, and is the only licensed Instructor in Australia.


Your body & mind will feel amazing after a Floor Flow® class.  Many have said they sleep better, are less anxious, body feels lengthened and mind lighter.  The Flow state is a beautiful way to be.  This class is beneficial for anyone wanting to find fluidity & personal expression within themselves.


No experience or level is required to join us on the floor.  

You will need to wear long pants, socks or legwarmers, knee pads, and something to cover your shoulders.

Please bring sweat towel, water bottle


Heels Floor-work

FILTHY FLOOR (level 1)
Flexibility and stamina - the sexy way!

Sexy, strip-club style floor work. Old-school grinds, hip dips, pussy pops, body rolls, leg work, twerks and heel clacks. You will learn technique, tricks, along with damm hot choreography! 


Created & taught with old-school strip club experience by Amanda! 

Suitable for all levels & non pole students

Heels/boots & kneepads essential (this can be done barefoot but the style lends to wearing heels for all those clacks!)

Bring something to cover shoulders. Bring sweat towel & water bottle

floor fuckers (level 2)

Eye-popping floor tricks

Levelling up the content of Filthy Floor with fish flops, drop splits, shoulder stands and rolls. Participants must be very confident with forward and backward rolling and have completed several terms of Filthy Floor.  Tricks will become more difficult and choreography more innate, so a great understanding of floor-work technique is essential.  This class is fire!


Created & taught with old-school strip club experience by Amanda! 

Filthy Floor Experience essential

Heels/boots & kneepads essential (this can be done barefoot but the style lends to wearing heels for all those clacks!)

Bring something to cover shoulders. Bring sweat towel & water bottle


Slithery, fluid & fierce

Staying low, keeping it slow, melty, smooshy, sweepy floor based choreography, with a  dark, moody vibe.  Technique, nuances, tricks, legs.  Slink all over & around  the floor with sultry fierce floor choreography. 

Created & taught by Jacquie

Floor or movement experience essential. Must be able to forward and backward roll.

Heels/boots & kneepads required, (can be done in barefoot, but always better in your highest heels)

Bring something to cover shoulders.  Bring sweat towel, water bottle


Fly Gym

Build strength and master aerial skills!

Fly Gym is an exciting new form of suspension fitness,  Fly Gym features all the best aspects of aerial hammock skills as this system was originally based on yoga swings. With further development Fly Gym was able to create a product and fitness technique with wide spread application. These include: aerial yoga, Pilates, conditioning for pole dancing/aerials skills and even restorative/rehab.

When combined with the pole it provides a support system to safely learn new tricks and access to pole specific conditioning training.  The Fly Gym system allows you to build functional strength for pole and aerial whilst helping to reduce injury risk with it’s restorative application.  However, Fly Gym is not just for aerialists it is for every body. 

Fly Gym has it all and is only limited by your creativity!

Open to all levels!

Stretching and strength training, let’s face it, can often be boring and is sometimes neglected from a training schedule. This combined strength and flexibility class uses Fly Gym techniques for effective training with flexibility, general strength and trick specific activities. Utilising both the resistance of the fabric and gravity it allows you to strengthen while you lengthen, giving stability AND flexibility like nothing else can. We will also be working in inverted positions and through different dimensions as this is a requirement for all pole, trapeze, lyra, silks and hammock artists.

Open to All levels.  Please wear long clothes.

Bring sweat towel, water bottle, yoga mat

Bookings essential, 5 person limit per class.



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