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Classes on Demand

over 100 classes streamed to you in your home!
floor flow - vimeo.png

Immerse yourself

slow down, sense more

flithy floor - vimeo.png

Old School AF

sexy strip club style floorwork

slink & slay - vimeo.png

Fluid & Fierce

 sultry, dark floor choreography 


old school tricks - vimeo.png

hot damn!

eye popping floor workshop

floor foundations - vimeo.png

Tricks & tips

learn floor-work staples

rocknroll - vimeo.png

Ooooh, Ahhhhh

myofascial release class



fan - vimeo.png

floating, fluttering

conceal, reveal, tease, titilate

Burlyrock - vimeo.png

Rock n Roll attitude

red lips, hot routines

strictly - vimeo.png

"I wanna dance with you"

have fun and feel the rhythm

Icons tile.png

Iconic Burlesque 

paying tribute to those that paved the way

dance decades - vimeo.png

a trip through time

different decade, different dance

Pole Dance

ishoelations - vimeo.png

filthy pole dance

old school sensual pole

low flow heels - vimeo.png

move like liquid

gliding, sweeping, swirling moody vibes, 

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