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Bottoms Up Melbourne Fringe 2023 Guide

The Bottoms Up community is very fortunate to have a number of talented teachers and students presenting shows at this year's Melbourne Fringe! Check out the list below:

Le Freak

Le Freak is sideshow as you've never seen before - revolutionised from the inside!

Join the sideshow revolt! Le Freak is back bigger and better! Hot on the heels of two sell-out seasons, world-class, award-winning trans, queer, disabled and sex worker performers sharpen their swords and stilettos to take down capitalism. In this show, joy is a radical act and the weird and silly become profound with new thrilling and dangerous stunts that dare you to look away.

Walk the sexy tightrope between discomfort and exhilaration!

Featuring award-winning circus and sideshow artists: Themme Fatale, Elle Diablo, Sarah Birdgirl, Dale Woodbridge-Brown, Bella de Jac, and Bubbles the ferret. Get ready for a thrilling journey of sex, danger, and fear (that only a text from Centrelink inspires).

Le Freak has it all: sideshow, swords, stilettos, sequins and the circus reimagined. Tickets here.

Rassputin's Wet Posse Presents:

Join Rassputin's Wet Posse at Speakeasy HQ for 3 wildly different nights of burlesque madness, brought to you by a posse too big to be contained in a single show! (Even 3 isn't enough)

We have something for everybody and everybody for something with three totally different, extremely entertaining evenings of Neo Burlesque!

Do the time warp through the glitz and glam of the 20th century on Friday with a taste of the 20s, a glimpse at the swinging 60s, savour the saucy 70s and end the evening in the naughty 90s

On Saturday, come in and make yourself at home with our Domestic S!uttery show where the potatoes peel themselves, the strawberries are wild, eating pizza is HOT and bath time is so much fun

Finishing our run on Sunday is a hit right to the childhood with Pop-Culture classics stripping down and serving sexiness with local ICONS taking the lead. You’ll get to see incredible acts from Drag Legacy Producer Moxie Delite and Alt. Showdown Champion Ira Luxuria. Indulge in the naughty side of nostalgia with acts featuring Ned Flanders, The Count, J. Jonah Jameson, Chucky, Barbie, The Matrix, Oogie Boogie and Lumpy Space Princess! Tickets here.

Deadly Sinners

Indulge in an evening of mesmerizing performances as the cardinal sins are reimagined by seven First Nations performers across drag, burlesque, sideshow, circus and comedy. With a unique perspective and bespoke pieces, Deadly Sinners shows us the experiences and talents of Queer Blak people in a cabaret that brings to life Pride, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth and Greed. The Deadly Sinners present new interpretations of each of the seven sins, reclaiming them and fighting back against the religious systems that mistreat both Queer and Blak peoples. Watch the cardinal sins come to life like you’ve never imagined.

Hosted by: Bizzi Body & Timberlina

Performers; Brandi, Cerulean, Chocolate Boxx, Jay Wymarra, Joocee, Jojo Zaho, Kitty Obsidian(12&13), Vudu Doll (14&15) Tickets here.

Ducky's Theatre of the Internet

Ducky’s back. Well, at least for one night only.

She’s returned to the internet for a 24-hour live stream to raise money for her dying dog. The once famous internet personality has been MIA, not a peep or a tweet, ever since the ‘incident’ one year ago. During her ambitious fundraising effort, Ducky will swing wildly from answering her loyal viewers’ questions to performing a combination of TikTok-inspired and sexy floorwork dance pieces.

As each hour passes, Ducky’s meditations on the culture of online consumption and the distinction between online and offline get messier and more absurd. As the truth about the ‘incident’ becomes frighteningly clearer, Ducky asks would you rather be irrelevant or dead?

Created and performed by India Alessandra (HAHA FAIR ENOUGH & INTIMACY ISSUES), DUCKY’S THEATRE OF THE INTERNET interrogates how existing online is a form of performance, why ‘influencer authenticity’ is bullsh*t and who is responsible for the capricious appetite of the internet which will only destroy us. Ticket's here. For $25 tickets on Thursday and Sunday use code: QUACK25.


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