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Allie Kamikaze Melbourne Workshops

Allie Kamikaze is coming to Bottoms Up Melbourne to teach 8 of their signature workshops 8-11th of August! Privates are also available, please email to register your interest in privates.

Allie is a queer pole dancer who has been professionally performing since 2014 and teaching since 2016. They competed in multiple heel competitions in 2019 and has won awards at every one of them. Especially passionate about teaching heel technique, sensuality and how to enjoy the experience of dancing and performing. They are teaching 600 classes annually, while also continuing to perform in nightclubs around Tokyo, because the streets are where their heart is forever. 

Kamikaze Style 6-7:30pm Thursday 8th August & 11am-12:30pm 11th August

Sequences of movement in Allie's signature style. Class will consist of warm-up, breakdown of key steps and tricks, and a lot of run-through to different types of music to develop your own musicality. Heels and knee pads recommended. Int/Adv level. $100.

Oldskool Choreography Thursday 8th August 8-9:30pm

Old-school, sensual style choreography to a slow song featuring a mix of pole and pole moves. This workshop focuses on tapping into your sensual side and fluid, authentic, feel good movement and details. Not trick-based. Open Level. Heels and knee pads recommended. $100.

Edgework with Allie Kamikaze Saturday 10th August 11am-12:30pm

Edgework with Allie Kamikaze breaks down the technical heel work that makes up the 'edgework' style. Focused on the technique to use all edge of the heel for slides and level changes to create interesting aesthetics and flow. Heels required. Int/Adv level. $100.

Heel Tricks with Allie Kamikaze Saturday 10th August 1pm

Heels tricks with Allie Kamikaze features exo-style low tricks using the pole & floor covering the fundamentals of kips and handstands to many progressions with fun twists. Breaking down complex movement is one of Allie's passions. Boots and kneepads recommended. Int/Adv. $100.

Filthy Floorplay with Allie Kamikaze Saturday 10th August 3pm

Low flow and tricks around the base of the pole with Allie's signature Oldskool sensual energy. There will always be regressions & progressions for tricks, so no need to be afraid! Open level. Heels and kneepad required. $100.

Spin Pole Favourites with Allie Kamikaze Sunday 11th August 1-2:30pm

Alle's signature tricks and techniques on spinning pole. Usually some bendy (but not cirque- bendy) shapes and fluid fun climbs and descents. (Allie only teach movement that are heel-friendly but heels are not required). Int/Adv. $100.

This workshop is 2 people per pole.

Pole Stands in Heels with Allie Kamikaze Sunday 11th August 3-4:30pm

Pole Stands in Heels is very useful for students who want to work on handstands but don't know where to start safely. Allie shares a ton of exercises and breakdowns to help gain the knowledge and confidence to safely practice pole stands on your own. Open level. Kneepads and heels recommended. $100.


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