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Bottoms Up Burlesque Revue 22nd May 2021

It’s Showtime!

Back in 2019 we debuted our Burlesque Revue at 24 Moons to great success! We’d planned to bring it back again last year but sadly our plans got 2020’d.

To make up for it we’ve decided to launch not one but two shows in 2021!

We are ecstatic to announce the Term 2 edition of the 2021 Bottoms Up Burlesque Revue will be at 24 Moons on Saturday 22nd May.

Are you interested in joining our cast? Simply enrol in one of the following Term 2 show choreography courses:

- BurlyRock Show Chorography, Monday 8:15pm (90 min classes), 12th April-17th May.

- Beginners Burlesque Show choreography Saturday 1pm, 10th April-15th May.

- S.T.R.U.T Show Choreography, Friday 6:15pm, 30th April-21st May.

- Intermediate Fan Show Choreography, Friday 7:15pm, 30th April-21st May.

- Vegas Showgirl Show Choreography Saturday 2pm, 24th April-15th May.

- Slow & Sultry Chair Show Choreography, Saturday 3pm, 24th April-15th May.

You must be available for a mid-morning tech the on Saturday 22nd May as well as an afternoon tech at the venue. 6-7 week show choreography courses require 90% attendance while 4 week show choreography courses require 100% attendance. Course specific prerequisites can be found on the enrol page (here).

Not only are we showcasing the work of our incredible students but the show will also feature solo acts by our unbelievable instructors. This will be a show not to be missed! Ticket details will be released soon. We can’t wait!


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