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Save The date! Pole Revue Saturday 27th May

Pole Revue 26th of May 7 & 8:30pm Shows Save the date for our Pole Revue Saturday 27th of May! The following courses and classes have the option of performing at the revue:

  • Low Flow Heels

  • Slut Drop

  • Noughty Pole

  • Steel Stilettos

  • Slut'Ography

  • Fluidity

  • Teacher Solos

  • Spin Pole'Ography

  • Pole'Ography

  • Student Solos!

Show participation is optional as the whole class will learn the choreography over the term and then only those who want to perform will appear at the shows. To participate make sure you've booked in to one of the above courses or classes! If you'd like to perform a solo please email with your EOI. Please note solos will be capped at 2 minutes.


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