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Beginners Burlesque: Next steps

Have you just completed a Beginners Burlesque course and are wondering what your next steps are? Read on to find out what to do next.

Repeat Beginners Burlesque

Do Beginners Burlesque again! When you take an 8 week course you only practice a skill for 8 hours in a term. Each Beginners Burlesque term Justine will teach a different glove peel and new choreography, so even if you've done it before there will be a new skill to learn. There are also multiple opportunities to perform in our end of term and end of year showcases!

Beginners Burlyrock with Ferri

Burlyrock Tease.

Ferri Maya brings you the basics of Burlyrock. This course is suited to those who are just starting burlesque or those who wish to build their rocknroll technique.

In this course we will explore how to walk the walk, tease the tease and strip the strip. We will break down the musicality of rocknroll burlesque so you can feel cool calm and collected while holding fierce, confident energy in front of your audience.

This course will give you the building blocks to join Burlyrock or other intermediate to advance burlesque courses.

Slow, Sensual and Slutty with Kitty Obsidian

Get in touch with your sexuality and feel sexy! This course focuses on slowing down your movment to really feel your body and hook the audience. Focusing on hands, feet, faces and finishing moments to capture the libido.

Courses run with Kitty are focused through a lense of fat, curvy bodies and disabled bodies- all bodies and genders are welcome!

Open level.

Feathered Fan with Bella

Accredited to Faith Bacon and popularised by Sally Rand, Feather Fan Dancing has been the bawdy bump and grinder's delicate, ephemeral sister in Burlesque. Using conceal and reveal to tease and titillate, feather fan dancing is a staple skill in any Burlesque enthusiasts bag of tricks! Learn how to become one with your fans as you flutter and float.

Open Level.

Fans provided.


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