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'Afterlife' at the Thornbury theatre 3rd of December

After 2 years off Bottoms Up is so pleased to be returning to the Thornbury Theatre for our massive end of year extravaganza! The end of year show was the crown jewel of our event schedule and we are beyond excited to have it return. This year's theme is 'Afterlife' and boy do we have a great show planned!

The end of year show preparations take place over two terms, term 4 & 5, wherein the skills needed for the acts are developed in term 4 and the choreography is honed in term 5. Because of this students who are interested in performing in the big show are only able to do so if they book in for term 4 and 5 of the act they wish to perform in. Conversely if you are unable to do the show but want to continue with your course in term 4 you are able to. The following courses will be performing acts on the 3rd of December:

  • Beginners Burlesque (extra show course added on Saturdays in term 5)

  • Silk Fan

  • Slow & Smouldering

  • Dragesque

  • Burlyrock

  • Chair Trickery

  • Jazzesque

  • Adventure Time

  • Advanced Pole Choreography (inter 4- Adv 1 pole on spin)

  • Low Flow Heels

  • Slink & Slay

  • Floor Flow

  • Filthy Floor

  • Floor Fuckers

  • Advanced 2 Pole

  • Noughty Pole

  • Slut Drop

Term 5 show courses incur a $35 fee to cover extra rehearsal times.


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