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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!

Floor workshop focusing on shoulder rolls

Take your floor work to the next level. Learn & practise safe techniques and fundamentals for shoulder rolls. The shoulder roll is a key movement with any floor work across the board; pole, burlesque, movement. Once you have the basics you are set to learn the fancy stuff; fish flops, kip ups, helicopters, boats, shoulderstands – you name it – you’ll be able to do it!

Open to students of all genres, all styles, and definitely ALL levels - yes that includes Beginner students! Even if you have your basic shoulder roll, can you do both sides? Can you add the flare?

Workshop includes safe warmup techniques you can take away with you for your own practise.

Please bring notepad & pen. Wear long pants, something covering your shoulders, legwarmers/socks, and kneepads.

Saturday 23rdJune

11.45am – 1.15pm

$50, bookings open now!

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