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Handspring, Deadlift & Iron X Workshop Series

The handspring is a landmark move in pole dancing, but how do become fully comfortable in them, and how do you strengthen and condition your body to achieve them safely? If you are already comfortable with handsprings, how do you deadlift, aerial handspring or do a muscle up? In this 2 workshop series Lisa will work with you on drills, techniques, stretches and conditioning for handsprings, as well as positioning, nailing and stabilising your handspring, handspringing up the pole and how to deadlift and muscle up, depending on your individual level.

PREREQUISITE LEVEL: Intermediate 3 and above. Students must be able to hold a butterfly. This class is not for beginners, it is for students who are ready to start learning handsprings OR for students who have their handsprings and want to progress to aerial handsprings, deadlifts, etc. Lisa adjusts content to each student's level.

NB: The workshops runs over two dates & in conjunction with each other. This gives 2x weeks of your own practise time between each workshop with Lisa. Practise is key in achieving & nailing your handspring!

Dates: 14th & 28th July 3pm Cost: $60 Bookings open now!

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