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FLOOR FLOW® Party Class! 05/08/17

Jacquie is back in the studio and it's her birthday so we are having a Floor Flow® Party to celebrate!! Come and join us on the floor as we roll, slide, sway, spin, circle and move on, around & across the floor to some sweet jamming' party tunes.

Floor Flow® is a movement experience that connects you to the beauty, fun & benefits of floor work.

Expect to learn easy to follow, fluid combinations that you can get lost in, while simultaneously enhancing your mobility, control, musicality and expression. Slow down, sense more and let it all out. Come learn how to transform your floor into your apparatus.

Floor Flow® was lovingly created by Marlo Fisken (@flowmovement). Jacquie Thomas is the world's first certified Floor Flow® Instructor and is excited to continually bring this amazing movement to the floors of Bottoms Up! Beneficial for any person wanting to find fluidity & personal expression within themselves. No experience or level is required and this is not a pole based workshop. We invite anyone to join us on the floor - and this workshop is going to be one hell of a party!! COST: $35 - Enrol online or at Reception WHEN: Saturday 5th August, 12.45 - 2.15pm

WHERE: Bottoms Up! Dance - 3 Pitt St. Brunswick VIC 3055 SHARE with your friends:

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