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Chair Dancing


at Bottoms Up!

Chair Trickery

Beginner Level 

No previous dance experienced required, perfect for beginners!

Get cheeky and sassy with seductive moves designed especially for chair dancing. Drawing inspiration from the 1920’s Cabaret Chair dance style, combined with the Classic Burlesque Tease of the Golden Era (1930’2-50’s), this course will introduce you to techniques required for a glamorous routine. During the 8-weeks you will learn the basics of burlesque chair dancing, bump n grind, burlesque walks, seductive glove peeling, floor work and poise while enhancing core strength, improving flexibility and gaining great body confidence and awareness. At the conclusion of the course you will have an elegant and polished 3-4 minute choreographed chair dance routine.


This dynamic chair tricks course will expand your chair dance skills to more complex and impressive moves!  Through combining cabaret, burlesque, contemporary and exotic dance with tricky manoeuvres this course will improve your cardio fitness, flexibility, core strength and stamina whilst developing a cheeky and playful character.


Beginners burlesque or pole is a prerequiste for this course.

Intermediate Level 

Take your chair dancing to the next level!

Now that you have completed Beginner Level you are now ready to challenge yourself further and develop more elaborate chair dancing skills. Chairs are a great apparatus to use when creating a memorable dance routine and a great tool to WOW an audience (or your friends and family!) by incorporating simple dance steps and tricks. During this 8-week course you will take the tease to the next level by adding stocking peeling to your repertoire. Anyone can remove a stocking but can they do it with seduction, glamour and tease? Here you will learn some basic acting techniques to help develop your tease. You will also begin to develop the basis of more difficult tricks to prepare you for advanced moves. At the conclusion of the course you will have a 3-4 minute choreographed routine incorporating glove peeling, stocking peeling, seductive burlesque dance and a tricky trick that will be sure to impress!

This course is fantastic for core strength, flexibility and developing great body confidence and awareness. Previous dance experience required, or must have completed Burlesque Chair Dancing beginner level.


Advanced Levels

Build on your confidence and skills!

Now that you can confidently dance on and around the chair while incorporating elements of Burlesque Tease it is the time to take the tricks and tease to a higher more refined level! During this course you will learn the art of bra peeling to add to your strip tease repertoire, along with more technical and acrobatic influenced tricks. Here you will discover that the a chair has so many uses other than for sitting on! You will never see a chair in the same way again – it will become an exciting prop for you to dance on, around, through, above while adding impressive tricks and tease! At the conclusion of the course you will have a dynamic choreographed routine showcasing your new tricks and strip tease in a seamless, fluid and sophisticated style. This course is great for developing body strength, toning, enhancing core strength and flexibility while maintaining elegance an poise.

NB: Routines for this course are not limited to Classical Burlesque – Neo, Comical and Cabaret styles are also included.

Previous dance experience required, or must have completed Burlesque Chair Dancing Intermediate level. It is requirement that students do two terms of this level before advancing on to Chair Advanced Tricks and Choreography. Please check with your instructor to see if you are now ready.


Chair Advanced Tricks & Choreography

Refine and expand your talent!

Must have completed a minimum of two terms of Burlesque Chair Dancing – Advanced Levels. Apparatus is not just limited to chairs! Props such as ladders and tables may be included in the choreography. Please check with your instructor before enrolling in this course.

NB: Rather than a Burlesque focus, this course has a main focus on contemporary dance and choreography.


Tricks & Choreo


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