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ABOUT Carmen

Carmen first tried pole dancing in 2009 and was instantly hooked by the challenge! After moving to Melbourne and finding a professional studio to train at, she began competing and performing in 2015. With no previous dance or gymnastics experience, she worked on developing her own style of movement and adapting tricks and shapes to match her strengths.

When performing, she hopes to draw the audience into her story and uses unusual movement and tricks alongside interesting costumes to bring her characters to life. Her focus is always on creating a great performance for her audience and allowing her body to dance with its own style. She has performed on several stages including at the Victorian Pole Championships, Australian Pole Championships, Hard Core, Encore and Pole Candy; where she placed 2nd in the Semi-Pro category in 2018. She is also a member of the Bottom’s Up Pole Craft Troupe who were nominated for the Best Group Performance at the Victorian Aerial Awards in 2016 for their Rocky Horror themed piece at Encore.

In her muggle job she works as an Interior Designer and uses pole dance to express her creativity in a more personal, physical way. Pole also provides a great outlet for the stresses of everyday life – to come into the studio and dance the tension away, challenge yourself to learn new things and achieve moves you once thought were beyond you.

She loves seeing students learning new tricks, challenging themselves and watching their skills develop over time. She is passionate about helping students learn in a safe and fun environment that supports them finding their own style and experimenting with movement.

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