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Summer Dance 2018 Workshops

bookings essential for all workshops

Rolling, Rolling Rolling 1 with Jaq

Floor workshop focusing on shoulder rolls 

Take your floor work to the next level. Learn & practise safe techniques and fundamentals for shoulder rolls.  The shoulder roll is a key movement with any floor work across the board; pole, burlesque, movement.  Once you have the basics you are set to learn the fancy stuff; fish flops, kip ups, helicopters, boats, shoulderstands – you name it – you’ll be able to do it!  


Open to students of all genres, all styles, and definitely ALL levels - yes that includes Beginner students!   Even if you have your basic shoulder roll, can you do both sides? Can you add the flare? Workshop includes safe warmup techniques you can take away with you for your own practise.


Please bring notepad & pen.  Wear long pants, something covering your shoulders, legwarmers/socks, and kneepads.

Friday 11th January 6.30pm – 8pm ALL LEVELS $50

Rolling, Rolling Rolling 2 with Jaq

Floor workshop taking your rolling to the next level

This is where the fancy stuff happens; fish flops, kip ups, helicopters, boats, shoulderstands –

you name it – you’ll be able to do it!  

 Once you have mastered the basic forwards and backwards shoulder-rolls ON BOTH SIDES, the fancy moves will make sense, and with the correct technique and understanding they will become your new best friends in your floor-work.


Please bring notepad & pen.  Wear long pants, something covering your shoulders, legwarmers/socks, and kneepads.

Students must have completed Rolling 1 workshop OR be able to comfortably shoulder-roll forwards & backwards without using momentum.

Saturday 19th January 2pm – 3.30pm  $50

Dapper Flappers with Bettie Bombshell

Shimmy, shake & Charleston like the rebellious flappers in the roaring 20s

This fun, energetic workshop will take you back to a time of ragtime jazz and sophisticated style! Learn how to shimmy, shake, and Charleston like those rebellious flappers did in the decadent roaring 1920's, with 3 time Burlesque Hall of Fame performer, Miss Bettie Bombshell. Bettie will have you dancing like Josephine Baker through the underground Speakeasy's of Melbourne in no time! 


The Charleston took over in the roaring 20's and was considered so outrageously scandalous that it was in fact banned from many dance halls through the world! Pop on your dancing shoes, get ready to learn some fun new choreography & get scandalous with Miss Bettie Bombshell!


Wear dance heals, and whatever you feel fabulous in!!

Saturday 19th January  3.30pm – 5pm  $60

Turn up the Heat with Bettie Bombshell

Fierce & fiery!

Join Burlesque Hall of Fame performer & Australian Burlesque Festival headliner Miss Bettie Bombshell for this brand new sizzling summer workshop! Have the audience eating out of the palm of your hand with these fierce & fiery new tricks. Learn to enhance your stage presence, ooze confidence, and harness your power like the best in the business. 


During this workshop we will explore how to create energy, learn exciting floor choreography & flexy tricks, as well as understand how to maximise your use of the stage to create spectacular moments, not just acts. During this workshop you will be asked to create a short piece of choreography using your new skills and understandings. Don't worry, Bettie will be there every step of the way!


Wear whatever makes you feel powerful! 

Saturday 19th January  5pm – 7pm $75

Handspring Clinic with Lisa

Handsprings, Deadlift & Iron X workshop 

The handspring is a landmark move in pole dancing, but how do you become fully comfortable in them, and how do you strengthen and condition your body to achieve them safely? If you are already comfortable with handsprings, how do you deadlift, aerial handspring or do a muscle up? In this 2 workshop series Lisa will work with you on drills, techniques, stretches and conditioning for handsprings, as well as positioning, nailing and stabilising your handspring, handspringing up the pole and how to deadlift and muscle up, depending on your individual level.

PREREQUISTES: Students MUST have solid & held Ayesha’s, Shoulder Mounts and aerial straddle invert. Handsprings are not for Beginner/Intermediate students.

Saturday 19th January - 4pm - 5.30pm  $60

Point Your F**king Toes! with Justine

Technique based workshop for ALL students

Technique is important in enhancing your movement and is not just about pointing your toes!  Oh no, technique & lengthening comes through your entire body, and this workshop with Justine will teach you exactly how to do this.   Includes exercises you can take home to add to your practise.  Once the fundamentals are learned, technique will become second nature and your movement in whatever style will take on a new form.


All levels, all styles, all students.

Wednesday 2rd Jan - 6.30pm- 7.30pm  $40

"Thriller" with Ally

The most iconic choreography of all time!

For those of you wishing everyday was Halloween, now it can be.  Get your Zombie on with Ally!  The Thriller dance is some of the most iconic choreography of all time. Learn a sequence straight out of the music video and get your MJ on, as no mere mortal can resist …. The evil of the Thriller!

Zombie costume optional but encouraged!!


All levels

Saturday 2nd February - 2pm – 3.30pm  $50

Injury Prevention with Lisa

The exercises ALL Pole Dancers should know

This workshop is essential for ALL pole dancers of any level.  These are the exercises that will increase & strengthen your muscles off the pole.  Learn tips & tricks for shoulder stabilisation, back strengthening & activation that will keep you on the pole for years to come.  Lisa’s expertise drawing on her years of experience with pilates & pole will take you these exercises that can be added to your warmup and practise sessions.


Sunday 3rd February - 11am – 12.30pm  $50

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