Summer Dance 2022


Summer Dance timetable is back, baby, and we're excited! ! Join us for 3 weeks of pole, burlesque, floor, movement and body work from  10th - 30th January 2022


This is the perfect time to indulge and try something new over the 3-weeks.  Summer is not about syllabus content, it’s about trying something new, building your skills & repertoire, dancing, and generally having a great time in a safe & vibrant space.

brand new Beginners


A little taste of what is involved in the full 8-week course.  A little bump, a little grind, a little choreography and a whole lot of fun.

Open to all and every body

3-week course



If you have been thinking about trying pole for a while - here is your perfect opportunity without the full 8-week commitment.  Learn some basic tricks over the first two weeks, then put them into a dance choreography on week 3.

open to all and every body

3-week course


Summer Specialities


skills, technique, consolidate

This is the perfect mini course if you want to nail those spins, climb with ease & work on your technique, muscle activation & engagement & consolidate your skills. There are particular Beginner level moves that require sound knowledge in order to move into the Intermediate levels.  Combine this with Beginners 1 & 2 Dance And Understanding your Invert intensive and you'll be well grounded.

Suitable for Beginner & Beginner 2 Pole students who have completed full 8-week courses, or those students returning to pole after a break

3-week course 



Dance baby dance

3-weeks of dance & choreography taking spins & movements from the Beginners 1 & 2 syllabi and creating mini dance routines each week.  If you are confident with the syllabus this is the perfect way consolidate your skills.  Combine it with the Pole Skills AND Understanding your Invert intensive - and you'll be waving good-bye to the Beginner levels very soon!

.Suitable for Beginner & Beginner 2 Pole students who have completed full 8-week courses, or those students returning to pole after a break

3-week course 



Invert Intensive that every pole student should do!

A brand new intensive created for Beginner AND Intermediate students to understand how to invert safely and with confidence every single time.  Inverting is technical, and here you will have a full break down within a course that works solely on inverting.  Inverts should be performed without momentum. You will understand how your muscles activate and how to keep these engaged throughout your invert.  Exercises given to strengthen the specific muscle groups, and levels & progressions taught.  If you are serious about pole, then this is intensive for you.  Don't get behind when your upside down!

.Suitable for Beginner & Intermediate Pole students who have pole experience.

3-week intensive


Burlesque Choreography incorporating props 

Adding props to choreography adds a new element.  Join Justine for a new prop each week and a new mini routine. Will it be a cane, an umbrella, fabric, hats?  Come along and find out!  This is the perfect mini course on completion of Burlesque Beginners.

Open level

3-week course


Swirl, spin, dance

Join Mya for a beautiful spin pole choreography that spans over three weeks.  Learn new spin tricks & choreography that flows & swirls up the pole and on the floor.

Open Intermediate level

3-week course



Floor fundamentals for all genres

Floorwork intensive learning some key elements of any floor work, rolling, shoulder stands, floor jade, kip ups, Once you have the foundations - all the fancy stuff then becomes available to you - and we always want to add to our repertoire!  Everyone eventually ends up on the floor - so come along and learn the base skills safely & confidently.

Wear pants, bring kneepads, socks/legwarmers and something to cover your shoulders.

Suitable for ALL students; pole/burlesque/floor.  Open level

3-week intensive

brand new to the timetable

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Are you ready to rock?! ....

I said, are you ready to rock?! Imagine if you could wear your pole heels in a mosh pit!  Thats basically what this class is about, except waaaaaay more sexy and without the drunk girl next to you who yells "OMG I LOVE THIS SONG" every time a new song starts, then sings really badly!

A brand new heels choreography pole dance course celebrating all things rock & metal.  Heel clacks, hair whips, big tunes and big mood!

Heels, kneepads, & attitude essential

Open level with some pole experience

3-week course


back by popular demand


Transport yourself to the big lights of Vegas and indulge yourself in the 'Showstars' life.  All the cheese; big smiles & big struts.  Join Gina for 3-weeks of Showstars fun.  This course is guaranteed to make you smile!

Open level

3-week course



BOA ROCK with Ferri Maya

BurlyRock with a Boa!

Loving your rocknroll burlesque vibe and want to take it up a notch... well, this is the workshop for you.  Ferri May brings you BurlyRock with prop play -  the glorious boa being our prop.

Ferri is no stranger to the boa, that's the real life slithering AND the fabric tulle alike! In the workshop you will learn Ferri's signature rocknroll style with the addition of boas tricks, flicks & tease.  No boa, no worries, a long scarf will do the trick.  Open to all.  Let's boa!

All levels, all bodies

Saturday 15th January, 2pm - 3.30pm

ARMED & DANGEROUS with Dallas Fox

The Erotic Port de Bras of Burlesque

Enhance your routine with more expressive & impressive arm styling,

Explore how to give body and expression to arms for Burlesque. From full body sensual touch to flippin the bird!

The workshop covers arm choreography (with simple step routine) for classic & neo routines, whilst moving and stationary.  How to take up space on a large stage and communicate with arms on a small stage.  From active arms to what to do to avoid the 'dead' arm by your side.

Please bring water bottle, sweat towel, comfortable dance shoes or pumps (barefoot also fine) comfy clothing 

Open to all levels, all bodies, all styles

Saturday 22nd January, 2pm - 3.30pm


Changing lanes on the super highway of your chosen music

Understand the landscape of the music you are going to choreograph too.  Burlesque to the beat, rhythms, melodies and patterns in a music track and how to make opportunities of accents and highlights in your choreography.  Choosing to use the beats or rhythm can be obvious but transitioning to use the melody or working with/without lyrics can be tricky.   There are some clues to help you strip apart your music and be in charge of where you place your choreography.  We will explore this with cha cha cha and rhumba rhythms.

Please bring water bottle, sweat towel, comfortable dance shoes or pumps (barefoot also fine) comfy clothing.  Note pad & pen if you wish to take notes.

Open to all levels, all bodies, all styles

Saturday 29th January , 2pm - 3.30pm