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4 Week Teasers


With our 4 week teasers we are offering everyone a chance to give Burlesque or Pole Dancing a try without having to commit to a full 8 week course. Our teasers are a very affordable way to give it a go and see if it’s right for you. For those of you who then choose to go ahead with an 8 week course, you will have gained some confidence and the perfect head start.

* Teaser classes run at different times to full term dates.

Keep an eye out for one coming your way!

The 4 week teasers are not currently running. 


For the absolute Burlesque virgin!

Burlesque encompasses many fun and fabulous genres of dance! Within this course you will be introduced to four different components of burlesque giving you a little taste and a tease of what you might like to delve deeper into. This course is purrrrfect for the curious kitty cats, for the absolute beginner, and great for those not able to commit to a full 8-week course but are wanting to give it a go and experience what burlesque is all about. It is also a great way for experienced dancers who are interested in joining Bottoms Up to check out our studio and discuss with their teachers what levels and courses might suit them best.

WEEK 1 – Introduction to Burlesque Tease

WEEK 2 – Chair Dancing

WEEK 3 – Fan Dancing

WEEK 4 – Burlexercise


The classes are designed for beginners, though all levels are welcome!

All Bottoms Up classes are fully inclusive


Check out what all the fuss is about!

Come and join us in the pole studio at Bottoms Up! The 4 Week Teaser is a perfect way to check out our warm and welcoming studios, meet some of our teachers and get an idea if pole dancing is right for you.

Over 4 weeks you will be introduced to your pole, and learn the basics of static pole (where the pole is locked in place and does not move) then you will learn a basic routine to get a feel for dancing static pole. Next you will meet your spinning pole (where your pole is unlocked and spins with you) and you finish off with choreography of fun little spin pole routine.


WEEK 1 – Introduction to Pole Dance

WEEK 2 – Static Pole Choreography

WEEK 3 – Intro to Spin Pole

WEEK 4 – Spin Pole Choreography

The classes are designed for complete beginners. Suitable for both students that just want to give it a go for fun and those wanting to join our regular 8 week course program. All ages (18+), shapes, sizes and fitness levels welcome.

All Bottoms Up classes are fully inclusive

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