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we are offline & back in the studio!


It is amazing to be back in the studio & amongst everyone.

We are ceasing our online classes for the meantime.  It is bittersweet as we loose our students from across the globe.  The support has been amazing, we thank you all.  It is time to return our focus IN the studio - and it really is amazing!

Join us in January 2021 for our sweltering Summer Dance timetable


Ensure you are part of our Facebook student group

Within our FaceBook student group you are part of our wonderful, vibrant & supportive community.  Join us for everyday antics, laugh out loud moments, class & workshop

information & general support.  Our community was so important & kept every body strong & secure during lockdown.

Movement & dance is highly important for our mind, bodies & souls, and so vital as we

continue to work through these new times together.   

Together we are strong & fierce! 

love Jacquie & Amanda

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