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The Cheese Girls


Tastier than cheddar, smoother than brie. The Cheese Girls will make you melt like mozzarella.

The Cheese Girls are the outrageous burlesque troupe gracing the stages of Melbourne with their unique brand of comedy, seduction and cheese. Together Tiki Amazon, Ginger Snapz, Loli Box and Taffy are sure to put a smile on your face and a tingle to your special place! 2017 top 10 nominated Best Troupe in the Australian Burlesque Industry awards The Busties; The Cheese Girls have performed at Perth Fingeworld, Melbourne Fringe, The Australian Burlesque Festival, and produce both variety and burlesque-trivia nights around Melbourne.


  • Original Cheese: Comedic routine where classic burlesque meets neo-comedy (classic strip tease mixed with comedy, strong sex themes, not for the faint of heart)

  • Angels: An angelic performance gone wrong as The Cheese Girls show their true nature (most classic burlesque routine, utilizing fans and classic music)

  • Adam and Eve: A pantomime, tongue-in-cheek story telling of the story of Adam and Eve, with hilarious character acting.

  • Twin Peaks: An homage to classic and new Twin Peaks- a hat tip to the cult classic

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