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She is -
ABOUT azcadelia

Prepare your fantasies and your nightmares for AZCADELIA - the face that launched a thousand sexual awakenings. Azcadelia is the sovereign of the spotlight in Melbourne’s drag and burlesque scenes, gripping her audience as tight as her corset with perfect stage presence and chameleonic characters. Known to every stage worth its salt since 2019, Azcadelia brings high campery and high concepts into technicolour - her talents earning her Judges’ Choice at Burlesque Idol Australia 2020. Azcadelia makes any gig her playground, whether it’s bringing the party at local bars or captivating crowds in full theatrics. Masterful onstage and a masterpiece in visual media, this queen of Queer is both the princess and evil stepmother of her own fairy tale: a Gemini with two faces- and they’re both irresistible! Right where arthouse meets madhouse, Azcadelia is coming to hypnotise and terrorise.


check out Azcadelia @azcadelia_

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