Summer Dance 2021
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Indulge yourself in our mouth-watering array of workshops specially created for Summer Dance.  A little something for every taste & desire.  All workshops are ALL levels ALL bodies.  

Go on ... treat yourself & try something new....

BurlyRock Intensive with Ferri Maya

Monday 4th January  / 6.15 - 8.15pm  /  $65

She's back with a bang! FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!! It's Ferri Maya - Miss Burlesque Melbourne 2019!

With hot rock n’roll routines, attitude and red lipstick the creator of BurlyRock struts back into town for one sweltering night of BurlyRock. Unleash your rock’n’roll showgirl.

Bring your bangin' selves with a whole load of attitude!

Suitable for all levels.

'Peelin' perfection' GLOVES & BOAS with Ferri Maya

Tuesday 5th January  /  7.15 - 9.15pm  /  $65

Tame your feather, organza or scarf boa as well as how to heat up the audience with a simple glove peel.  

Learn how to utilise your glove as a prop to leave the audience feeling hot and heavy while still wearing your dress.

Make shapes with your boa that are flattering, movement thats quick to the eye but not the performer.

Learn how to move through time, space and energy as well as levels with your boa friend. This workshop will make you feel more comfortable in handling your prop as well as being able to leave it and come back to it during your performance.  All this done to a rockin' 70s vibe soundtrack that Ferri Maya is known for!

Please BYO your own boa (scarf/piece of material) and gloves.

Suitable for all levels.

'Slip into your Slap' Makeup with Justine

Saturday 9th January  /  1.30 - 3.30pm  /  $65

Is your stage makeup not where you want it to be? Do you want to up your selfie game? Want to contour like the kids on TikTok? Or do you just want a good place to start with makeup?

Get a crash course in the basics of face shapes, skin tones, colour theory, application styles and trends so you can create the face of your dreams! In this two hour workshop Justine will take you through the foundational principles of painting face that you can adapt for day to day, special occasion, stage or photography looks.

BRING WITH YOU To keep covid safe, there will be minimal to no sharing of equipment so please bring your own full makeup kit (see below) and brushes, plus a glue-stick.

Makeup kit essentials:

- foundation

- concealer

- eyeshadow (any)

- eyeliner

- mascara

- lipstick

- lip gloss

- brushes

A note pad is recommended.

Suitable for absolutely EVERY body!

Beginner Hoop Taster Class WITH HAYLEY HOOPLA

Monday 11th Jan 6:15-7:15pm $30

The perfect place to get started hooping! Hayley Hoopla will guide you through the basics of hula hooping. Hayley's background in dance will have you dancing & flowing with the hoop, as well as learning fancy circus-style hoop tricks. Mega FUN!

BYO, Students are required to provide their own hoop. To purchase one email Hayley at


Monday 11th January  /  7.15 - 8:30pm  /  $40

Twin hooping, is simply two hoops! One in each hand! Similar to Poi, or Fan dancing, you can create beautiful shapes as the hoops spin and twirl in your hands. In this twin hoop taster, Hayley will introduce you to her favourite twin hoop tricks such as the 2 or 3 beat weave, fan moves, isolations, plus bring the sass & style so you can really dance with your hoops & feel the groove. If you are Intermediate, get ready for Hayley to give you more challenging tricks so you can upskill!

Ideal for Beginner or Intermediate hoopers (it's recommended you do the beginner hoop taster as well before this class unless you have already learned hooping elsewhere).

Twins hoops provided.

'Captivating Choreography' BURLESQUE INTENSIVEwith Gina Stirling

Tuesday 12th January /  7.15 - 9.15pm / $65

Join the one-and-only Gina Stirling for this captivating choreography 2 hour intensive. This intensive utilises choreography as the teaching tool to discover your confidence in sensual movement and develop body awareness to captivate your audience. 

Bring your wonderful & captivating selves!

Suitable for all levels.

'You’d Better (Leg) Werk' with Annie

Saturday 16 January  / 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm /  $50

Whirls, Swirls, 45s and Butterflies! Learn the fundamentals for all the legs from the beautiful to the broken, classic stripper style to Russian inspired flair in this special You Better (Leg) Werk Workshop with Annie aka Echo Chamberz.

Knee pads recommended, heels recommended but not required.

Suitable for all levels (not just pole dancers - leg werk is for EVERY one!)

'Danse Macabre' with O Nyx

Monday 18th January  /  6.15 - 7.45pm /  $50

Enter the realms of the dead using the Memento mori philosophy that you too will die. Explore movements that remind us of our own mortality, and of the brevity and fragility of human life. Working with a lightweight material death shroud learn a macabre 'chiffonography' routine

Bring with you a scarf or piece of sheer fabric, long enough to hold with outstretched arms.

Suitable for all levels.

'Fannying Around' Exploring New Ways to Isolate and Hold Fans with Gina Stirling

Tuesday 19th January  /  7.15 - 9.15pm   /  $65

This intensive invites you to use feathered fans in an unconventional manner and discover new and exciting ways to incorporate them into your choreography. Delight your audience with bespoke fan reveals and develop your own individual fan style.

Feathered Fans provided.

Suitable for beginners and those looking to reinvigorate their fan repertoire. 

Beginner Silk Fan with Bella

Sunday 24th January  / 1.30-3pm /  $50

Fluttering, floating, soaring! Silk fans are a dramatic, mesmerising style of fan dance and dramatically different from feather fan performance. Learn the basic techniques and an emotive choreography with Bella de Jac.

Open level with Burlesque experience.

INTERMEDIATE Silk Fan with Bella

Sunday 24th January  /  3.30 - 5pm /   $50

Fluttering, floating, soaring! Silk fans are a dramatic, mesmerising style of fan dance and dramatically different from feather fan performance. Learn the intermediate techniques and an emotive choreography with Bella de Jac.

Beginner Silk Fan workshop or Silk Fan experience required.


Silk Fans are provided.

Bring water, sweat towel

**Receive a $10 discount when booking both Silk Fan workshops using the code 'Flutter' at booking for the intermediate level.


Monday 25th January / 6.15 - 7.45pm  /  $50

Inspired by the Vamp and Femme Fatale character tropes in Film Noir cinema, learn an alluring routine that emphasises making an unforgettable first impression, and grabs the audience’s attention. Bold, fierce, and bad to the bone, create a character that is confident, unashamedly sexual, and completely in charge.

Bring your bold, bad self, water, sweat towel

Suitable for all levels.


'EYES ON THE PRIZE' with Gina Stirling

Tuesday 26th January /  7.15-9.15pm  /  $65

Serving face, face, face. Create connection with your audience and lure their attention to your next costume reveal using your face as the storyteller. This intensive will cover how to keep your audience engaged with facial expression, explore how acting compliments dance movement in burlesque and how to create powerful moments of bodily stillness that keep the audience captivated. 

Bring your face, face, face, water, sweat towel

Suitable for all levels.


Saturday 23rd January  / 1.30 - 3pm  / $50

What do you think of when you think of BURLESQUE? Asides from feather fans, the first thing that likely pops to mind is beautiful, sparkling, tassled and bedazzled nipple pasties twirling across the stage! Like precious jewels in every size, shape and colour, it's 3cm of fabric between a gal and the law. 


The ingenuity of the stripper getting around local censors and nudity laws has been a cornerstone in the development of so many of the beautiful costume pieces; bump skirts, fringe panelling, nude mesh triangle bras...But none so iconic in Burlesque as the pastie. 


In this 1.5 hour class you'll learn a little of the history and a lot of the technique on how to twirl your tassels in a multitude of dizzying and mesmerizing ways!


Suitable for all levels. 

Please Note: You will need to be comfortable with your top off.

Bring: Water, pasties with tassels, small/gym towel (heels optional)


Saturday 30th Jan / 1.30 - 3pm  / $50

Shimmy, Shimmy, Shimmy!  Get messy, sweaty and wild and in the words of Tay Tay "Shake it off!"

Shimmy technique is vitally important to maintain because if you don't use it, you WILL lose it. Training your muscles to shimmy in various ways, layering techniques, remembering to use our face, hands and feet in perfect unison are key components to traditional burlesque. You can be a demure shimmy-er, or a wild shake-er but if it jiggles, let's wobble it. If it wobbles let's celebrate it!
This class covers bottom and top shimmies, quakes, combinations and travelling depending on student fitness levels
Open to all levels but note that some cardio fitness is required. Not suitable for pregnant women
Bring with you water, Heels & small/gym towel. Feel free to wear panel skirts, shimmy belts or beaded anything. Let's have some noisy fun!

'GLAMOUR GIRL' modern classic burlesque with Bella

Saturday 30th January  / 3.30 - 5pm  / $50

At the heydey of the Showgirl these aloof, jewel-encrusted beauties were elevated to near deity-level status of mystery, allure and desire. It's time to bring out your inner showgirl with this workshop in elegant, glamorous,

classic tease! Strut, preen, pose, and learn how to harness your ultimate glamour girl with technique and a

sizzling choreography.

Suitable for  all levels

Bring: Heels, water, small/gym towel.  Wear: Dress-ups welcome!