Summer Dance 2020


Inspired by the new year to try something different? We have several classes and mini courses suitable for brand new Beginners wanting to start their dance journey in 2020.


All  Bottoms Up Dance classes are inclusive and open to all gender identities.


BURLESQUE - 3-week Sampler

Step inside the doors of Bottoms Up! for a tease and a taste of three of the exciting burlesque courses we offer. Burlesque encompasses many fun and fabulous genres of dance! Within this course you will be introduced to three different components of burlesque giving you a little taste and a tease of what you might like to delve deeper into.  In 2020 you will try Burlesque, Fan & Chair dancing.

This course is purrrrfect for the curious kitty cats, for the absolute beginner, and great for those not able to commit to a full 8-week course but are wanting to give it a go and experience what Burlesque is all about. It is also a great way for experienced dancers interested in joining Bottoms Up to check out our studio and discuss with our teachers what levels and courses might suit them best. 

All props (chairs, fans, gloves) provided.

Monday 6.30pm, Studio 1

CHAIR 'OGRAPHY with Justine

The humble chair, and all the things you can do!  No experience is necessary to join our casual Chair 'Ography classes where you'll learn sassy, fluid chair dance routines that change every week.  Sitting on a chair - oh how boring!!  Open to all and every level

CASUAL CLASS; Tuesdays 6.30pm Studio 1 


Bump 'N Grind, Shimmy 'N Shake.  This is a brand new casual class putting the sass into your Saturday mornings. Every week you will be treated to a new mini Burlesque routine focussing on different elements of the art of Burlesque.  This class is perfect for those unable to commit to an 8-week course.  Those wanting to try Burlesque with no commitment, and also for those students wanting to refine & practise their Burlesque moves.  It is the ideal start to your weekend!

CASUAL: Saturday 11.45am

Pole Dance 


The New Beginners Teaser class will answer any question you have about pole dancing where any misconception can be addressed. Pole Dancing will empower you while giving you strength in your upper body and your core, improving your posture and technique and introducing you to new friends and experiences. Pole dancing is a full body workout like no other and anyone can do it.

Pole Teaser classes are one hour and you can choose from Monday 6th, 13th or 20th Jan with Jaq


Don't want to wait to begin beginners pole?  The dive right in with the New Beginners Mini course.  Start your pole dance journey with Carmen on Thursdays in Summer Dance. 

Thursday 7.30pm, Studio 2


Refresh your pole repertoire by putting spins, footwork, floor work & more into mini dance combos every week.  Includes re-building those pole muscles with climbing & inverting.  A fun way to get back into pole dancing.

For students who have completed a Beginner level course

Tuesday 6.30pm, Studio 2

This casual choreography class is perfect for beginners & new brand new students! You will learn basic spins, floorwork and movement and put together in a mini routine. Pole’ography is great & fun cardio workout for your Saturday and an excellent start to the weekend.  
CASUAL CLASS; Heels & kneepads required.  Saturdays 12.45pm Studio 2


FLOOR FLOW ® with Jaq

Join Jacquie on the floor to immerse your body in new movement using the floor as your apparatus. This course will comprise of movements across and all over the floor to create sequences that organically happen.  Movement that is unrestrained, continuous and water-like. Rolling, swirling, turning, swaying, rotating, lifting, undulating, circling, stretching.  Beneficial for any person wanting to find fluidity & personal expression within.   

We recommend to wear pants, kneepads, socks/legwarmers and always bring something to cover your shoulders.

All levels, every body. No experience or level is required for this