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Need for Kneepads

For Floor Flow®, Pole’Ography 1 & 2, Hoe’Ography, Low Flow Heels, Hoedown & Hoedown Throwdown soft volleyball kneepads are recommended. Roller blading kneepads with a hard-plastic shell are not suitable for these classes.

You can buy suitable well priced Relaince brand kneepads from Rebel Sport here or Big W here. If you want something with a bit more support I cannot recommend Mikasa kneepads enough! They last for years without losing their padding.

If you don’t want to commit to a pair of kneepads or you need some in a pinch a 3 pack of men’s Explorer Socks from somewhere like Kmart with the toes cut out and worn layered over your knees will do the trick. For Pole’Ography 1 a pair of over the knee socks will also provide you with enough protection.

If you’re looking for knee pads that have grip on the back that you can use for pole tricks and choreography we stock Luna Kneepads through our merch site here.

- Amanda


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