We are SO excited to re-open our doors (once again!).

On this page is important information that every person entering the studio needs to read & understand prior to class commencement.

Please also familarise yourself with our COVID-SAFE POLICIES here


  • All students are required to be fully vaccinated.

  •  Vaccination certificates must be viewed by Reception prior to your first class. Once we have viewed these it will be marked on your file.

  • Medical exemptions apply. Please email us personally info@bottomsupdance.com.au  

  • For those who will have had only one vaccine on re-opening, please email with date of second vaccination. If you are missing one or two weeks, classes can be made up. 

  • This is Government mandated and proof of Vaccination is required before attendance in any class.


  • We will be re-commencing Term 4 where we left off in August.  

  • All students who were enrolled in Term 4 are still enrolled in the same class at the same time.

  • The outstanding course classes will be completed during Nov/Dec.

  • Please don't ask to change classes unless emergency, relocation, work schedules etc.  The majority of classes were full and remain the same. Swapping & changing students to a different class is not simple and may not be possible. 


  • Please don't ask to change levels.  We are all going back to the beginning!  Our Teachers have also been off the pole and we are all in the same boat.  

  • The focus of this 6-week term is re-building strength & stamina, toughening your baby soft pole skin, reuniting with your bodies, and having a great time!


  • All students enrolled in Term 4 have already received emails with class dates,  Please make yourself familiar with these.  If you haven't received this email  you can read it here

  • We require class confirmation from ALL students as soon as possible

  • Please understand we are a tiny little admin team, with a mammoth re-opening task. It's just Mikki, Amanda &   Jacquie receiving and answering all of your emails. We ask you contact us via email only info@bottomsupdance.com.au NOT via social media platforms. 

We've done this before!  

We thank you for your patience, understanding and support over all the lockdowns.  We are extremely grateful and appreciate you all very much.  The joy of having everyone dancing together again is beyond exciting and we can't wait to see you very soon!

Amanda & Jacquie