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Tiki Amazon


Fan Dance, Comical Neo-Burlesque and Classic Burlesque Tease

Introducing Tiki Amazon! This firecracker is versed in the seductive art of classic burlesque, Neo Burlesque and fan dance. Tiki is no stranger to performing – having been seen whizzing merrily around a pole in various pole-dance showcases around Melbourne and more recently strutting her stuff on the burlesque stage. By turns sultry, comedic, lewd and elegant — her statuesque presence will hold your attention.


Tiki ‘s alter ego is a PhD qualified research scientist planning to take over the world (or at least attempt to understand it on a molecular level). However when the sun goes down and the lab coat is hung up – Tiki comes out to play with her cheeky (sometimes freaky) brand of Amazonian tease!


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