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"Lovelorn in Lockdown"


Dress up's encouraged in all classes!  Shed ya pj's & join us online as we keep warm during Winter with some steamy hot as f#*k dancing!  

Let's make the most of Lockdown 2.0!

“FLOOR FLOW®” with Jaq

Slithery, circular, primal

Heighten your movement awareness and creativity as you practice easy-to-remember looping “small space” sequences that emphasize fluidity, control, and joint mobility.  Gain awareness & freedom of movement with an emphasis of how things feel rather than how they look.

All levels, all bodies.  Long pants, shoulders covered, socks/legwarmers & kneepads required

Mondays 12noon & Wednesday nights 6pm 


Beginner Burlesque with Justine

New to burlesque? Bump and grind, peel and pose your way through this 4-week online course.

Learn the foundations of Burlesque through playful poses, shimmies and shakes, hip and chest isolations, undulations, glove peeling and Burlesque struts. While learning technique and moves you will be guided through a choreographed routine giving you the tools needed to develop body awareness and confidence, along with a cheeky and seductive burlesque attitude! 

This course is for those with little or no previous experience in dance, movement and/or Burlesque. 

All levels of fitness welcome.

Mondays 6pm

"SLINK & Slay” FLOOR CHOREO with Jaq

Slow, low, slinky

Staying low, keeping it slow, melty, smooshy, sweepy floor based choreography, with a dark vibe.  Highest heels preferred, but barest feet will also be fine.  Slink all over your floor with sultry fierce floor choreo every week.

All levels, all bodies. Heels preferred, barefoot ok, kneepads, something to cover shoulders

Mondays 6pm

"BURLYROCK" with Ferri

Rock ‘n roll attitude

Bring your bold attitude, red lips & unleash your rock ‘n roll showgirl while building dance confidence & strengthening technique.  New mini routines with big rock vibes every week.

All levels, all bodies

Mondays 7:15pm


"LET'S GET AERIAL" Inter 3 - Adv 1 pole with Jaq


Ooooh feel the burn!

The time has come to start getting back off the ground!  This Intermediate 3 - Advanced 1 course includes elements from the syllabus along with some trending tricks to spice up your reconditioning journey.  Progressive content

PRE-REQUISTIES: comfortable outside leg hang, aerial straddle

*class is not recorded, you must be live online for classes.  Home pole required

Mondays 7.15pm

"LOW pole trickery" with Jaq


A world of adventure at the base of the pole!

Low pole tricks. Rolling, forearm stands, handstands, shoulder stands, helicopters, flow and so much more to give you different & innovative ways to move at the base of the pole.  Progressive content.

Open level with some pole experience. Home pole required.  *class is not recorded, you must be live online

Tuesdays 6pm


“strictly ballroom burlesque” with Bella

"What do I want? I'll tell you what I want! I want Ken Railings to walk in here right now, 

and say 'Pam Shortt's broken both her legs, and I wanna dance with YOU!"

Get your happy face on, it's time for Strictly Ballroom Burlesque! We don't care about winning the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix, we're just here to have fun and feel the rhythm. So crack out your favourite pink and green eyeshadow, throw on some sequins and join Bella de Jac at 6pm on Tuesdays for a tongue-in-cheek open level dance class inspired by the beloved 1992 Australian film Strictly Ballroom. 

All levels, all bodies, *Beginner friendly

Tuesdays 6pm



Float & flutter

Learn to conceal and reveal to tease and titillate.  Feather Fan Dancing  is a staple skill in any Burlesque enthusiasts bag of tricks!   Learn how to become one with your fans as you flutter and float. 

All levels, all bodies. Fans required

Tuesdays 7.15pm


Smooth, sultry, fierce exotic flow

Gliding, sweeping, swirling, winding.  Move like liquid. Blending Jacquie’s signature style of pole & floor flow with exotic tones.  Slow, lilting, micro-movements & nuances fused with sweeping circular moments to create a fluid, sultry & fierce combos every week. ​

Heels & kneepads & home pole required.  Pole and/or dance experience essential

Tuesdays 7.15pm


“EXOTIC FLOOR” with Amanda

Old school as f#*k

Slinky, sexy, wavy old school exotic floor tricks and transitions with a focus on choreography for each class. Work on your flexibility and stamina the sexy way!  There’s no school like old school!

All levels, all bodies. Heels & kneepads required (can be done barefoot)

Wednesdays 7.15pm



Myo-fascial release class

Using trigger point massage balls & targeting different muscle groups each week this class will help dancers to desk workers with managing aches & pains, alleviating anxiety & improve mobility, posture & performance.

Open to EVERYbody! Trigger point Balls, mat required

Thursdays 5pm


“BURLEXERCISE” with Justine

A cardio & full body workout with Burlesque moves and good times!

Just your good selves required, *Beginner friendly

Thursdays 6pm




Lets get it on!

Specially for those who just started to move on up off the ground and get inverted before 2020 rained on their parade!  In this class we will work through elements of the Beginner 2 - Inter 2 syllabus, conditioning & pole flows to get you comfortably back on the pole.

PRE-REQUISTIES: comfortable Beginner invert; Beginner climb

*this class is not recorded, you must be live online for classes.  Home pole required

Thursdays 6pm

“is-HOE-lation” with Amanda

Filthy Exotic Pole

Learn slinky, sexy, wavy pole tricks and transitions with an extra filthy flavour for lockdown 2.0. Discover the secrets to old-school sensual movement in this choreography based class. Dress ups encouraged. 

Open to all levels. You’ll need heels, knee pads and a pole

Thursdays 7.15pm



Splits edition

This 75 minute class focusses on achieving your splits, back and shoulder flexibility while improving your active flexibility for beautiful lines in the air. Develop your flexibility, prevent injury and reach your flex goals in a safe and well informed learning environment with Aleisha.

Essential for EVERY body! 

Saturdays 10am



Headstands & Handstand training
Exercises and drills for gaining and maintaining the core and upper body strength for headstands and handstands. This class focuses on techniques for balance and control in inversions and is suitable for complete beginners up the those working on freestanding handstands and presses.

Essential for EVERY body! 

Saturdays 11:30am


Strengthen the good way

This class will focus on those important dancing muscles: legs, butt and core (don’t worry, core includes shoulders!). We will start with a short cardio warm up and then do a range of barre inspired exercises to maintain and build strength. 

Essential for EVERY body!  Chair, yoga mat, theraband if you have one (optional) required.

Sundays 9.30am


“DANCE The Burlesque icons” with Justine

Take a trip though the burlesque hall of fame. 

Gypsy Rose Lee. Tempest Storm. Lili St.Cyr. Satan’s Angel. You may know the great names of burlesque but how did they move? What made them so unique and sort after? What made them ICONS?

Each week we will devote a routine to a superstar of burlesque and explore their signature moves and styles. So break out your bump skirts and book yourself in to pay tribute to these amazing performers who paved the way for the burlesque dancers of today. 

All levels, all bodies. Dress ups always encouraged!  *Beginner friendly

Sundays 11am


“CHAIR ‘OGRAPHY” with Justine

The humble chair

You’ll never look at a chair like ‘just a chair’ again!  Sometimes sexy, sometimes sassy, sometimes a little cheesy, always naughty.  Mini chair routines for all levels every week.  Designed to accommodate any sturdy chair you have at home.

All levels, all bodies. Chair required. *Beginner friendly

Sundays 12.30







“Chair dynamics”

signature chair workshop with zelia rose

In this workshop Zelia will guide you through her distinctive dance style centered around the broadway classic prop the 'Chair'. Reimagine the classic style on chair to connect with the prop in new and innovative ways. Districtive, fierce and strong have been ways in which Zelia's style has been described and her teaching style serves this and more..Expect to werk in a new space of body awareness, finesse and style. 


This class requires access to chairs either fold up or wooden.

Dance space needs to be decent size to facilitate chairs and movement around them. 

Students need ~ Heels, Water, Comfortable/sexy wear

Live only class. 

Saturday 5th September 1:30-3pm AEST, $15


leg and floor work workshop with Annie 

Twirls, Swirls, 45s and Butterflies! Learn the fundamentals for all the legs from the beautiful to the broken, classic stripper style to Russian inspired flair in this special You Better (Leg) Werk Workshop with Annie aka Echo Chamberz. 


Open to all levels and bodies. Knee pads recommended, heels reommended but not required. 

Live only class. 

Saturday 12th September 1:30-3pm AEST, $15

Pop Up



Can you keep a secret?  It's time for the Dirty Dancing party!

We've been shaking these maraccas every week and wouldn't you know it, we've shimmied & grinder our way through the entire Dirty Dancing soundtrack ..... almost.

Oh yes, it's time to have 'THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!"  Friday 11th September 6pm - 7pm we're going to have a drink and a dance.  It's going to be silly (and a little sexy)

Friday 11th September 6pm - 7pm $10


The most ridiculous 30min express workout you can ever imagine, with an insane playlist.  You will spend the entire time laughing your faces off!  Not quite as sexy as other classes. But you’ll turn up the heat big time!

Made with love for every body

Keep eyes open for pop classes during lockdown

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