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Stage Ready Starlets

with Bella de Jac

developing an act for stage

2019 Course commencing Sunday 19th of May

Open to all gender 

identities, solo and double act performers (both members of the double act must be enrolled), any genre.

Whether you’re dying for your first moment in the spotlight, or you’ve performed a few times and are looking for advice, structure and a deadline to get your next act ready for stage, Stage Ready Starlets is a comprehensive course developed to get you an act you can be proud of!


Running over 13 weeks this is course open to both solo and double acts, and will take you through the process of preparing for a performance on a deadline, culminating in a photoshoot with a professional photographer, and a live performance at a real venue, in front of a real audience. 

Performance date Saturday 3rd August.

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Stage Ready Starlets course content Includes:

  • ​3 hour weekly sessions

  • Developing your act concept

  • Choreography and acting technique

  • Costume planning

  • Avoiding common mistakes

  • Online presence & professionality

  • How to utilize feedback to your advantage

  • Sound, lighting and how to get the best out of your tech run

  • Backstage behavior and handling onstage mishaps like a boss

  • Make-up & hair basics

  • Studio photoshoot and 3 promotional images

  • Performance spot onstage

  • Photography and edited video of your live performance


Bella de Jac

Leading this act development course is award winning International burlesque performer Bella de Jac, who has been performing Burlesque, fringe theatre and cabaret art forms for just over 10 years. With a formal Bachelor level education in theatre, dance and screen Bella has been teaching with Bottoms Up for four years primarily in ‘Golden Age’ Burlesque dance, feather and silk fan technique, and choreography. Her personal passion is for body and sex positive forms of expression, and mentoring performers who are ready to take their art to the stage. Bella can’t wait to lead a class of starlets onto the stage in an expression of pure artistic joy!​ 


Pop in any night from 5:15pm and all day Saturdays and have a chat to one of our lovely receptionists. They will be more than happy to help you out with any enquiry!



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